What does the “TWINT+” button do?

“TWINT+” is a button on your home screen, which you can tap to quickly and easily start transactions from the TWINT app.

Use the “TWINT+” button to access the following TWINT functions that will make your everyday life easier:

  • Digital vouchers and credit: You can purchase vouchers and credit for various shops directly from the TWINT app – regardless of whether you are purchasing these for yourself or as a gift for someone else that can be sent directly to the desired recipient via e-mail.
  • Parking: In TWINT+, you can pay for your parking time without having to scan the QR code on the parking meter.
  • Making donations: You can make donations to charitable organisations directly from your TWINT app.
  • Cash withdrawal: In TWINT+, you can withdraw cash in selected Sonect partner shops without the need to visit an ATM.
  • Super Deals: In TWINT+, you can benefit from attractive daily and weekly deals as well as further discounts from selected partners.
  • Order Coffee: In TWINT+, you can order coffee capsules in the Nespresso online shop and use TWINT to pay for these directly, simply and conveniently.
  • Food delivery: In TWINT+, you can order food directly via Smood und have it delivered to your current location. Payment is taken care of directly, easily and conveniently using TWINT.
  • Insurances: In TWINT+, you can take out insurance policies directly with our partner and independent insurance broker Würth Financial Services AG, for example for your new smartphone or your future online purchases. Payment is automatically taken care of every month via TWINT – simply and conveniently.


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