Collect payments at your vending machine with TWINT

Automat mit TWINT QR-Code zur Bezahlung

We offer you various options for using TWINT® as a payment solution at vending machines. Find out everything you need to know about the simple implementation.

Automat mit TWINT QR-Code zur Bezahlung
    Benefits Making payments with TWINT Providers Contact


  • No need to laboriously count and store cash
  • No theft is possible – the payments are credited directly and securely to your account
  • All of the TWINT transactions are displayed in a detailed list in the TWINT partner portal

Making payments with TWINT

With TWINT, it’s so easy to collect payments at vending machines. Regardless of whether it’s via a payment terminal, an online display, self-service or a QR-Code, collecting payments with TWINT is extremely simple, fast and there’s no need for cash.

Step 1

Find the right partner and contact them

Step 2

Register on the partner portal and install the solution

Step 3

Select the integrator and you’re done!


The following vending machine manufacturers and distributors are already partners with us. If your vending machine is operated with the help of one of these companies, contact the partner directly. Once you have done that, register on the TWINT® partner portal.

Hug-Witschi AG
+41 31 740 44 44


Logo von Nayax


Pay Connect SA
0848 111 848

smarpay AG
+41 56 619 76 70

+41 52 354 53 00

+41 81 509 12 23

InfoMedis AG

+41 41 671 07 77

+41 44 908 11 11


Should you have any questions, please contact us directly via the contact details set out below:

[email protected]