Collect payments simply – even without any infrastructure

Your customers pay independently via a QR code sticker.

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The benefits of the QR code sticker

Collect payments simply with the help of stickers

No counting and storing of cash

Secure payments credited directly to your account

Collect payments where you want

Unattended point of sale

Are you not at the point of sale? With TWINT® and the QR code sticker, your customers can make cashless payments independently.

Attended point of sale

Use QR code stickers in your shop or on the road with your food truck. No additional infrastructure is required.

Fixed or freely selectable amount?

Select the QR code sticker that best fits your sales offering.


Freely selectable amount

The QR code sticker with a freely selectable amount is ideal if you collect many different payment amounts. When making payments, your customers enter the exact payment amount in the TWINT app down to the very cent.

You receive three QR code stickers.

Fixed amount

QR code stickers with a fixed amount are practical if you regularly collect the same payment amounts. You define an amount of your choice for each sticker.

You receive three QR code stickers per amount.

It couldn’t be easier

Collecting payments via QR code stickers is easy. In the explanatory videos, you will find out all you need to know in just a few minutes. Do you have any questions? Many answers can be found in the FAQ area.


Fixed amount

Freely selectable amount

Contract and conditions

Download the QR code sticker now or have the weather-resistant sticker sent to your home free of charge. No ordering or fixed costs.




Next steps


Register in the merchant portal. It only takes a few minutes.


Enter the desired QR code stickers in the merchant portal.


The QR code stickers will be sent to you in the following days.



Should you have any questions, please contact us directly via the contact details set out below:

[email protected]