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Your customers pay independently via a QR code sticker.

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The benefits of the QR code sticker

Simple and quick

  • Easy registration in the merchant portal
  • Enter and download the QR code directly or order the weather-resistant sticker and have it delivered by post free of charge
  • Collect cashless payments in a simple manner without the need for any additional infrastructure (payment terminals or similar)
  • Can be used at staffed and unstaffed POS (customers pay independently


  • No activation fees
  • No fixed monthly costs
  • No hardware costs (e.g. no need for a terminal)
  • Only 1.3% fees on the amount of the executed transactions
  • No minimum commission

Practical and secure

  • Little or no need to count and store cash
  • More sales thanks to a higher degree of flexibility for your customers (e.g. spontaneous purchases)
  • Theft is not possible – payments are credited securely and directly to your account
  • Theft is not possible – payments are credited securely and directly to your account

*The maximum amount of an individual transaction is dependent on the limits that banks set for their respective TWINT apps 

Fixed or freely selectable amount?

Select the QR code sticker that best fits your sales offering.


Freely selectable amount

The QR code sticker with a freely selectable amount is ideal if you collect many different payment amounts. When making payments, your customers enter the exact payment amount in the TWINT app down to the very cent.

You receive three QR code stickers.

Fixed amount

QR code stickers with a fixed amount are practical if you regularly collect the same payment amounts. You define an amount of your choice for each sticker.

You receive three QR code stickers per amount.

It couldn’t be easier

Collecting payments via QR code stickers is easy. In the explanatory videos, you will find out all you need to know in just a few minutes. Do you have any questions? Many answers can be found in the FAQ area.


Fixed amount

Freely selectable amount

Contract and conditions

Download the QR code sticker now or have the weather-resistant sticker sent to your home free of charge. No ordering or fixed costs.




Next steps


Register in the merchant portal. It only takes a few minutes.


Enter the desired QR code stickers in the merchant portal.


QR code stickers can be ordered free of charge and delivered by post and/or downloaded directly from the Internet.


FAQ - Frequently asked questions about QR code stickers

How do I securely and successfully collect payments with the QR code sticker?

Once the customer has completed the transaction, have them show you the confirmation screen on their smartphone. Please look out for the following security elements:

sicherheitsmerkmale qr code

The confirmation screens can change from one app to the next. The items listed above are, however, identical in every app.

Otherwise, you can check all of the transactions you have made in the merchant portal at any time.

You can also set up SMS and/or e-mail notifications for incoming payments. The corresponding setting can be made in the merchant portal. Here are the instructions for setting up these notifications.

I have ordered QR code stickers in the merchant portal. When will I receive them?

Ordered QR codes are usually delivered within seven working days. You can also download a digital version of the QR code stickers at any time and print out as many as you wish.

I need additional stickers for an existing QR code. How can I order these?

You can download the QR code yourself as a digital copy from the TWINT merchant portal and print it out as often as you wish. To download the QR code for a certain store, click on the relevant store under the “Stores” menu item. You can download existing QR codes in the section “QR Code Sticker(s)”.Please note that the digital QR code sticker is not suitable for e-commerce. Find out more about it here.

If you would like to receive additional QR code stickers for an existing store from us physically, please contact our Support.

Go to Support

Can I use the QR code sticker on my website?

The QR code stickers are intended to be used for payments in your physical retail store and may not be used online (e.g. website). This is for the following reasons:

  • Payments using the QR code sticker are anonymous. This means you can’t assign these payments to a certain order or specific customer.
  • Your customers can’t scan the QR code sticker using the same device the QR code is displayed on.

For the online implementation of TWINT, the via payment service provider or plug-in provider options are available to you.

For all the information about this, please see our specially created page:

Find out more

Will I receive personal data when a transaction is made via the QR code sticker or are payments anonymous? 

All incoming payments made using the QR code sticker are anonymous and merchants thus do not receive any information about the person making the payment (e.g. mobile phone number or name). It is also not possible to leave a comment or similar when making the payment.

However, our partner RaiseNow has developed a special solution for clubs as an addition to the basic QR code functions. With this special solution, personal data can be transmitted for identification purposes when making a transaction.

Do I need to have a mobile phone number to register in the merchant portal and order the QR code stickers? 

For security reasons, a Swiss mobile phone number must be provided when registering as a merchant (for two-factor authentication).

This mobile phone number is, however, only needed for registration and subsequently logging into the portal. Otherwise, it has no further relevance and cannot be viewed by third parties.

When will I receive the payments for the successful transactions?

You have the option of selecting whether your daily revenue payments are executed daily or weekly. Please also note that the payment interval applies for all of your stores and cannot be set differently for individual stores.
To change the payment interval, open the TWINT merchant portal, click “Settings” and set the payment frequency under “Payment interval”. The change will be implemented at the end of the current interval.
Your daily revenue will usually be credited to your bank account two value days (value days = bank working days) after the invoicing period you selected (payment interval).

For example (if there are no public holidays in between),

  • Your money (= payments less refunds for each day from 11:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.) from Monday will normally be paid into your account with a value date of Wednesday
  • Your money from Friday, Saturday and Sunday will normally be paid into your account with a value date of Tuesday (in three separate transfers)

Example for weekly payment (if there are no public holidays in between):

  • Your credit (= payments less refunds from 11 p.m. to 11 p.m. from one Sunday to the next) will normally be paid out with a value date of Tuesday.

Please note that if you have registered with TWINT as a new merchant, your personal details will be checked and this can take up to 30 days. During this time, you can already accept TWINT payments; however, your credit will only be paid out once this check has been carried out. The payment interval for newly registered merchants is set to weekly by default. You can also change this to daily.


Can I as a private individual request a QR code sticker? 

Private individuals cannot currently use this business customer solution and consequently cannot request a QR code sticker. The minimum requirement for registering as a business customer if you do not have an entry in the Commercial Register is that you have formed a sole proprietorship, a simple partnership or a club.

Can I connect my TWINT business account to a private bank account? 

A private bank account can be saved to a TWINT business account provided that the legal form of the business is a sole proprietorship or a simple partnership.
For all other types of company, a separate bank account would have to be opened for the organisation/company.
The saved bank account can be changed in the TWINT merchant portal at any time.

What is the difference between static and variable QR codes?


The QR code has a specific value that you predefine when you order it. The customer thus scans the QR code and only has to confirm the amount.



The QR code does not have a specific purchase amount. The customer scans the QR code, enters the amount to be paid themselves and confirms the payment.


I now collect payments using the terminal and no longer need the QR code stickers. What do I need to do?

In this case, you can either discard the stickers and continue to collect payments using the terminal or keep the stickers in reserve (e.g. in the event of problems with the terminal). Since there are no fixed costs with the TWINT QR code stickers, keeping the stickers does not cost you anything.

Is there a maximum limit for each transaction paid via QR code stickers?

A TWINT transaction via a variable QR code sticker may not amount to more than CHF 5000. However, the maximum amount of an individual transaction also depends on the limits set by the banks for their respective TWINT app. For fixed QR code stickers, the maximum selectable amount is CHF 200.

An unlimited number of transactions may be carried out per QR code sticker.

Do you have further questions?

Should you have any questions, please contact us directly via the contact details set out below:

[email protected]