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How does TWINT work?

Brief explanation of TWINT

How does TWINT work? In this video, you find out what Switzerland’s digital wallet can do. TWINT is an app for making payments and also has other practical functions. You can make convenient and secure payments with your smartphone: with friends, in online shops, in app shops, at cash registers and at vending machines. Other benefits of TWINT: You can save your customer loyalty cards in the app and take advantage of discount coupons and stamp cards. You can find out more about the TWINT functions at www.twint.ch/en/private-customers/functions/. It could not be easier: Visit www.twint.ch and select the TWINT app of your bank. Download the app and link TWINT to your bank account or save your credit card. You can now pay with TWINT or make use of the other functions.

Make TWINT payments in online shops

Send and request money with TWINT

How can you send and request money with TWINT? In this video, you find out how easy it is to send money from smartphone to smartphone. With TWINT, you can send money in real time to friends and family: Enter the amount and define the recipient. Now choose whether you would like to send or receive money. If you wish, you can add a message or a photo. Then select “Send money” or “Request money”. You can find out more about making payments with TWINT and other functions at www.twint.ch/en/private-customers/functions/.

Make TWINT payments at cash registers

Make TWINT payments at the payment terminal

Make TWINT payment at the Coop self-checkout

Make TWINT payments in app shops

Pay for your parking fees with TWINT without the need for change

Pay for digital vouchers and credit with TWINT

Coop Supercard in TWINT

Save Twint as a payment method in the SBB app

Download TWINT app

It does not matter who you bank with: TWINT is available to everybody. Ideally, you should select the TWINT app of a bank with which you have an account. This will allow you to link the app to your bank account.