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Buy paysafecard credit with TWINT

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TWINT makes buying paysafecard credit easier than ever: You no longer have to comb through websites or go to the store, as you can now buy paysafe prepaid codes directly from within the TWINT app.

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    How do I buy paysafecard credit via TWINT? How does paysafecard work? Advantages of paysafecard with TWINT FAQs

How do I buy paysafecard credit via TWINT?

Buying paysafecards is as convenient as ever with TWINT – and you can do so directly from within your app. 

Open the TWINT app and tap the partner function «Digital vouchers».

Tap “Paysafecards” and select the amount you would like to purchase.

Confirm your mobile phone number and the payment.

You can view the code right away or access it at any time in TWINT.

How does paysafecard work?

Paysafecards are 16-digit prepaid codes that you can use to pay in every online shop and store where you see the paysafecard logo – both in Switzerland and abroad. Simply buy a paysafecard from within your TWINT app and use your prepaid code at the cash register.

Advantages of paysafecard with TWINT

If you wanted to purchase paysafecards up until now, you had to visit the website or a partner shop. This is all a thing of the past with TWINT. This is because you can now purchase them conveniently in the TWINT section of your TWINT app. It’s as easy as buying any of the TWINT vouchers.

  • Straightforward & rapid purchase
  • Prepaid codes can be viewed directly within your TWINT app
  • Only an e-mail address and a telephone number are needed

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FAQ: Topping up your paysafecard with TWINT

How do I buy credit with the TWINT paysafe card?

You can purchase paysafecard prepaid codes directly from your TWINT app securely and easily. To do so, please take the following steps:

  • Go to the “Partner functions” section in your TWINT app and select the option “Digital vouchers”. The 4 most frequently used additional functions are displayed here. You can view a complete overview of these functions by tapping “Show all”.
  • You will now be redirected to the online shop.
  • Tap the paysafecard logo.
  • Now select one of the specified amounts.
  • You then have the option of selecting whether to “send the credit or voucher to another person”. Should you choose this option, you subsequently have to provide the e-mail address of the recipient in the “Purchased for” field, as well as your name in “Purchased by” field so that the recipient knows who sent them the gift. Last but not least, you can pen a personalised message to the recipient.
  • Once you have ticked the box stating you have read and accept the General Terms and Conditions, you can tap “Purchase credit”.
  • You will now be prompted to enter your phone number. Afterwards, tap “Send SMS”.
  • You will then receive a code via SMS. Enter this code in the displayed field.
  • When making your first purchase in the online shop, you will also be asked to provide your e-mail address. This will be saved and can be amended at any time in your profile. Here, you can find out how to edit your profile in the online shop.
  • Tap “Purchase credit”.
  • You will now be taken back to the TWINT app, where you need to confirm the payment by tapping “OK”.
  • Once your payment is successful, a green confirmation screen will be displayed in your TWINT app. Tap the “Display code” button to be redirected back to the online shop where you can view the paysafecard code directly.
  • You will also be automatically sent an e-mail with the paysafecard code once the payment has been made successfully. If the paysafecard was purchased as a gift, the desired recipient will also be sent this e-mail.

Where can I make purchases with paysafecard?

Paysafecards can be used in a variety of shops. A list of shops and redemption options can be found at

For how long is the paysafecard credit valid?

Paysafecard prepaid code customers without a paysafecard account are subject to a procurement fee of CHF 4 or the equivalent amount in the currency in which the voucher is denominated if your code has not been redeemed in full after the second month after being purchased. This fee is charged monthly until the prepaid code has been used up in full. If you would like to avoid paying fees for your paysafecard prepaid code, but do not want to redeem your paysafecard prepaid code yet, we recommend that you create a paysafecard account and top it up with your code. This means that you can save all of your paysafecard prepaid codes as credit and make use of a large number of other benefits, such as higher transaction limits.

Are paysafecards safe and secure?

Purchasing paysafecards via TWINT is a secure and simple solution. Please be diligent when using paysafecards. Only redeem your credit with providers that have been authorised by paysafecard. If you are unsure whether a website is trustworthy, please contact the paysafecard service team.

Who should I contact if I have any questions about paysafecard?

If you have any questions about a purchased paysafecard (activation errors and/or questions about the credit status or the rejection of cancellation), please send an email to [email protected].