Buy Google Play credit within TWINT

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Buy credit for Google Play directly within TWINT. Regardless of whether it's for mobile apps, mobile phone games, e-books or films and series, you can buy Google Play vouchers with TWINT simply, quickly and securely.

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How it works

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Open the TWINT app and tap the «Digital vouchers» partner function.

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Select Google Play and the voucher amount.

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Confirm the payment. You can view the code straight away or access it at any time via TWINT. You can also send the voucher code directly to someone else as a gift via e-mail.

Advantages of buying Google Play credit

  • Especially simple and quick payment directly in TWINT
  • No credit card required
  • You will receive a digital copy of the Google Play voucher right away and can redeem it as soon as you want
  • You have the option to give the Google Play voucher to another person
  • Exciting competitions and promotions

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What are Google Play vouchers?

Google Play is Google’s app store. Countless apps, games, books and films are available to download and use here.

Google Play vouchers can be used to purchase products that are available for a fee. The vouchers can be redeemed in the Google Play Store immediately after having been purchased.

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FAQ: topping up your Google Play credit with TWINT

When will I receive the Google Play voucher?

You will receive the Google Play voucher immediately after having purchased it. You will be able to view the voucher in the TWINT app and you will also receive it via e-mail.

Are there any extra fees for purchasing Google Play credit in the TWINT app?

You only pay the actual voucher amount. There are no additional fees.

How much Google Play credit can I buy with the TWINT app?

You can buy a minimum of CHF 5 and a maximum of CHF 300 in Google Play credit per purchase.

Do you have any additional questions on digital vouchers?

All of the answers to questions on purchasing digital vouchers via TWINT are available here:

Digital vouchers overview