Activating TWINT on the payment terminal

Increase the number of payment methods available for your customers. Activate TWINT® on your existing payment terminal for collecting payments in person. Your customers can then scan the QR code that is displayed on the payment terminal. This allows you to accept payments simply and conveniently with your smartphone.

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Collecting payments with TWINT Acquiring

Step 1

Find the right acquirer

Step 2

Register on the partner portal

Step 3

Activate the solution and you’re done!


  • Contactless payments
  • Quick and easy with the QR code
  • Safe payment process with TWINT®
  • Your customers are able to view the transaction details in the statement entries menu

Activating TWINT on your terminal

Select your acquirer and find out more about registration

Select the payment terminal and find out more about registration

It’s easy to collect payments while on the move with the Wordline Link/2500+ payment terminal

Allow your customers to make cashless payments quickly and securely with the Link/2500. The compact payment terminal can be used everywhere thanks to its 4G and Wi-Fi capability. This is what makes it an ideal device for merchants that want to be able to collect payments everywhere they go.

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