Your business’ loyalty card in the TWINT app

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You can now register the loyalty card for your shop quite easily in TWINT. This way, you and your customers will be able to take advantage of numerous benefits.

loyalty cards twint
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How do my customers use the loyalty card in TWINT?

The loyalty card in the TWINT app is a digital version of your physical loyalty card. It can do everything that its counterpart in your customers’ wallets can. By allowing your customers that use TWINT to save and use the loyalty card digitally in the TWINT app, you create additional benefits for them and can even profit from this yourself. Registering your card in TWINT is really easy.  In the future, cards with the type EAN -13, EAN-8, code 128 or QR code will be supported in TWINT.

How does it work at the cash register?

loyalty cards step 1


Before paying at the cash register, your customers need to open the scan window in their TWINT app.
They must then select their loyalty card.

loyalty cards step 2


The loyalty card’s barcode will now be displayed on the screen of their smartphone. The customer or member of staff will then need to scan this code.


loyalty cards step 3


To complete the payment, the customer scans the TWINT QR code displayed at the cash register.

What are the advantages of having the loyalty card saved in TWINT for me and my customers?

  • The ability to expand your customer base: With more than 5 million people using TWINT, you can showcase your loyalty card to a large customer base. This allows you to expand your customer base in a specific direction or reactivate your existing customer base.
  • More customer data: Thanks to the ability to save loyalty cards in the TWINT app, more checkouts are identified.
  • Simpler processes: If customers save their loyalty card in the app, they will always have it ready to hand in no time at all when paying with TWINT.
  • High level of brand visibility: TWINT users can have their loyalty cards scanned digitally before paying. During this process, the original layout of your card – i.e. your brand – will be displayed on the payment screen.
  • Customer loyalty: Benefit from an ultra-modern and simple solution for ensuring the loyalty of your customers.

How your customer benefit

Easy to use


With just one swipe of a finger and a couple of steps in the app, your customers can collect loyalty points.

Quick and reliable

Your customers can access your loyalty card in the TWINT app at any time they wish.

Loyalty points

With the digital card, your customers can easily collect loyalty points at the same time – with a seamless transition to the TWINT payment process.

How do I register my loyalty card in TWINT?

If you would like to offer your customers the option of having a digital loyalty card in the TWINT app, you can register for this quickly and easily. You will not need to carry out any integration steps to do so. All we need from you is the following information:

  • Card name
  • Fill in this Photoshop template with the front of your loyalty card and upload it as a ZIP file again in the form below
  • HEX colour code for the reverse side of the card

upload customer card template twint

Register now to add your loyalty scheme in TWINT

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