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TWINT – your digital wallet.

Free and independent.

Flexible mobile payments.

TWINT makes it easy to pay with your smartphone. You can also send and receive money from your friends.

Stay up to date.

Free and independent.

Load as much credit as you want to your TWINT app from any account, directly onto your Android or iOS smartphone.

Your digital wallet.

Stay up to date.

TWINT keeps you informed, with insider tips on shopping, entertainment, eating out and much more.

Even more benefits



Top Tips.

TWINT keeps an eye out for things you might like: shops in your town, the latest stores and stores that are especially popular with other TWINT users.

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Traders benefit too.

Traders who accept TWINT as a shopping and payment app benefit in many ways. Take advantage of attractive transaction prices and increase your sales with attractive value-adding services. In addition to payment services, TWINT will soon also launch mobile couponing, digital loyalty cards and other useful marketing tools. Make a statement: be there from the beginning.