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Over 5 million people pay with TWINT – using the TWINT QR code at any cash register. It’s the quick and easy way to pay. With the new TWINT widget, a tap of the finger is all that’s needed. And every day, more people are saving their loyalty cards in the TWINT app and collecting points whenever they use TWINT to pay.

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Where do you pay with TWINT?


Wherever you see the TWINT QR code sticker or the TWINT QR code on the payment terminal. An increasing number of shops accept TWINT, from the kiosk on your commute to the farm shop in the village down the road – as well as a whole range of restaurants, DIY stores, specialist retailers and supermarkets. Look for the QR code or ask for TWINT when you pay.

You can use TWINT to pay large and small amounts, for everything from your morning coffee to your family skiing holiday. For your security, we have defined a standard limit that you can adjust in your TWINT app depending on your bank. If you have any questions about the limit, ask your bank for help.

TWINT widget: quicker and easier than ever

With the new TWINT iPhone widget, which will soon be available for all TWINT apps, you can pay with just a tap of the finger. You can save even more time when you use TWINT to pay and collect points. Give it a try now.

Follow these instructions to install the TWINT widget on your iPhone and pay with a tap of your finger:

Unfortunately, widgets are not available for all Android smartphones. But these tips will also help you use TWINT to pay faster with Android.

How to collect points with TWINT

TWINT keeps all your loyalty cards together in one place and lets you collect points with every purchase. So there’s no need to go rummaging in your wallet. Once you’ve saved your loyalty cards in the TWINT app, you can leave the physical cards at home. Simply present your card in the TWINT app or scan it at the cash register and those loyalty points will be yours.

Collect points and win prizes



More and more people are using TWINT to pay

Twinting is practical. But that’s not the only advantage to paying with TWINT:

  • All you need is your smartphone – you can leave your wallet at home
  • You can save your loyalty cards and earn points with every purchase
  • You can keep an eye on all payments in the detailed transaction overview
  • You can activate stamp cards and coupons and take advantage of promotions

How to pay with TWINT

Paying with TWINT is quicker and easier than counting to 3:

  1. Open the TWINT app or tap the new TWINT iPhone widget
  2. Scan the TWINT QR code at the payment terminal or the TWINT QR code sticker
  3. Payment complete! *

* If automatic payment approval is not active, you will need to confirm the transaction.

FAQ: paying with TWINT

Where can I pay with TWINT?

You can make convenient payments with TWINT at cash registers, vending machines and parking meters as well as in online and app shops. Acceptance points can be identified by the TWINT logo.

Selection of acceptance locations

How can I pay with TWINT at a cash register?

Cash register with terminal

At the cash register, ask whether TWINT payments are supported. If they are, open the TWINT app and tap “Pay” at the bottom of the screen (iOS users can also use the widget for this purpose). Point your smartphone camera at the QR code displayed on the terminal. After the payment has been successfully made, you will see a confirmation in the app.


Cash register with a QR code sticker

Open the TWINT app and tap “Pay” at the bottom of the screen (iOS users can also use the widget for this purpose). Point your smartphone camera at the QR code sticker and confirm the payment. You may be asked by the merchant to enter some information (e.g. the payment purpose). With a QR code sticker with a variable amount, you must enter the amount you wish to pay before confirming the payment.

According to a recent study carried out by ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences, approximately 77% of bricks and mortar retailers and 76% of online shops in Switzerland now offer TWINT as a payment method.

How do I use the TWINT widget for iOS?

The TWINT prepaid app as well as the TWINT apps from numerous banks provide iOS users with a widget for their phone’s lock screen and the home screen. This means that certain functions within the TWINT app, such as payment at the cash register, can be launched directly from your smartphone’s lock screen without the app having to be opened beforehand. Further information on the solution for Android users is available here. Visit the Apple website to find out how to add a widget to your iPhone. TWINT offers the following three widgets: “Pay”, “Send money” and “Request money”. To use the “Pay” widget, for example, from your lock screen, please proceed as follows:

  • Tap the TWINT “Pay” widget on your lock screen
  • In one action, unlock your iPhone and your TWINT app at the same time
  • The QR code scanner in the TWINT app is now automatically opened
  • Scan the QR code as you normally would

Please note that this widget may not be available in every TWINT app. Should you not be able to find the TWINT widget in your app, please contact the Customer Service team for your TWINT app.


Is the TWINT widget also available for Android?

As Android does not permit lock screen widgets as standard and this option is only permitted by certain manufacturers of Android smartphones, the TWINT widget is not available for Android. There are, however, other useful tricks to help you pay quicker using TWINT on an Android device: Shortcuts for payments, sending money, requesting money and splitting payments:

  • Look for the icon for your TWINT app on your smartphone’s home screen
  • Press and hold your finger down on the icon for a couple of seconds
  • Depending on the issuer of your TWINT app, you will now see different TWINT functions
  • You can tap the function you want to open to access it directly in this part of your TWINT app, for example the QR code scanner (or the “Payment” option depending on the app)
  • Alternatively, you can also press and hold your finger on the function that you want to open and then drag it onto the home screen of your smartphone, thus creating a shortcut with its own app icon. This means that you can, for example, drag the QR code scanner directly onto your home screen and in future tap this icon to open the QR code scanner function directly within the app

Increasing the limits for automatic approval You can also decide whether you would like to automatically approve payments of up to a certain amount made on terminals via your TWINT app. This means that payments up to the selected amount can be carried out automatically without you having to confirm each individual payment. Further information on setting up this function is available here.

Can you only use TWINT to pay small amounts or can you also pay larger amounts?

You can, of course, also use TWINT to pay larger amounts. Please note that in the TWINT app there is a difference between the Payment function in which money is set to a merchant and and sending, receiving and splitting payments which are used with your family and friends. First of all, the credit in your account or in the TWINT prepaid app is key to how much you can spend with TWINT. When making purchases with a merchant, there are daily and monthly limits (similar to with a debit card) for each TWINT app. These can vary from one TWINT app to the next and can also be adjusted by the user in some TWINT apps. In the TWINT prepaid app, there is no maximum limit for purchases made from a merchant. However, there are account balance and top-up limits in place for the TWINT prepaid app, which affect how much you can spend. For information on the spending limits in force in the other TWINT apps, please contact the issuer of your TWINT app directly. The maximum limit for payment with a QR code sticker stands at CHF 5000. There are maximum limits for sending and receiving money, but these vary from one TWINT app to the next. For further information on this, please contact the issuer of your TWINT app directly. The limits for the TWINT prepaid app are available here.

Can I view my previous payments in the TWINT app?

Yes. To do so, open the home screen of your TWINT app and tap “Transactions” and then “Display all” (the process may differ from what is described here depending on the TWINT app you are using). Here, you can view all of your payments at any time. Tap a transaction for further details about the individual transaction. Information on how to search for specific transactions is available here. TWINT does not have any detailed data relating to your purchases. Therefore, we can only display the transaction time, the place of purchase and the amount spent. Unfortunately, we cannot display what you purchased.

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It does not matter who you bank with: TWINT is available to everybody. Ideally, you should select the TWINT app of a bank with which you have an account. This will allow you to link the app to your bank account.