Use TWINT to send your donation quickly and securely

Children in need, natural disasters, wars. These are just a few examples of cases in which people urgently require support and assistance. With TWINT®, you can make your donation in a simple, quick and convenient manner. Help to reduce suffering in the world – your donation makes a difference.

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How it works in TWINT+

You can now also make donations directly from the TWINT app. Find out how to donate in TWINT+ now.

  • Open the TWINT app and tap TWINT+ on your home screen.
  • Click on Donate and select your desired organisation or read up on the organisations available.
  • Select the donation amount.
  • If you would like a donation receipt, add your contact details.
  • Confirm the donation.

Do you have any further questions about donating in TWINT+?

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How it works on the websites of charitable organisations

  • Go to the website of the desired charitable organisation (e.g.
  • Select a fixed amount or manually enter the amount you want to donate.
  • Fill out the mandatory fields.
  • Open the TWINT® app.
  • Trigger the payment by scanning the QR code or manually entering the five-digit transaction number.

Benefits when donating with TWINT

No need for e-banking or the cumbersome entering of a reference number.

You can pay easily in a matter of seconds using your smartphone.

You have complete transparency and control of your donations at all times. You can receive a donation receipt, should you want one.

Charitable organisations

Support charitable organisations in performing their work to make the world a better place. You can make donations to the following organisations using TWINT+:

  • Aids-Hilfe Schweiz
  • alliance F
  • Alpine Initiative
  • Amnesty International
  • Berghilfe
  • Biovision
  • Buy Food with Plastic
  • Caritas Switzerland
  • Childhood Cancer Switzerland
  • Connexio develop
  • DEAR Foundation
  • ETH Zürich Foundation
  • Fastenaktion
  • Fondation SOS futures mamans
  • Grain of Wheat International
  • Greenpeace
  • Heilsarmee Schweiz
  • HEKS Bread for all
  • Kinderhilfsorganisation Camaquito (Schweiz)
  • Kinderkrebshilfe Schweiz
  • Kinderschutz Schweiz
  • Kinderspital Zürich
  • Krebsforschung Schweiz
  • Krebsliga Schweiz
  • Laureus Foundation Switzerland
  • Lunge Zürich
  • Make-a-Wish Switzerland
  • Médecins du Monde Schweiz
  • Menschen für Menschen
  • Missio
  • Morija
  • OMCT World Organisation Against Torture
  • PanEco
  • Partage
  • PluSport
  • Pro Infirmis
  • Pro Mente Sana
  • Pro Natura
  • Pro Tier
  • Rega
  • Rheumaliga Schweiz
  • Save the children
  • SBS Schweizerische Bibliothek für Blinde, Seh- und Lesebehinderte
  • Schweizerische Multiple Sklerose Gesellschaft
  • Schweizerischer Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverband SBV
  • Schweizerischer Gehörlosenbund
  • Society for Threatened Peoples
  • Solidar Suisse
  • SolidarMed
  • SOS Kinderdorf
  • Sozialwerk Pfarrer Sieber
  • Stiftung Denk an mich
  • Stiftung für die Bienen
  • Stiftung für Schwerbehinderte Luzern SSBL
  • Stiftung Kinderdorf Pestalozzi
  • Stiftung Pro Juventute
  • Stiftung SOS Beobachter
  • Stiftung zsge
  • Susy Utzinger Stiftung für Tierschutz
  • Swiss Barakah Charity
  • Swiss Red Cross
  • Swiss Solidarity
  • Swiss Zakat Foundation
  • Swissaid
  • Terre des Hommes
  • Tier im Recht
  • UNICEF Schweiz
  • Verein für Blindenhunde und Mobilitätshilfen
  • Verein Klimaschutz Schweiz
  • Verein Sonflora Schweiz
  • Wikimedia CH
  • winterhilfe
  • World Bicycle Relief
  • World Vision Schweiz
  • World Without Mines
  • Zürcher Lighthouse
  • Züriwerk

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It does not matter who you bank with: TWINT is available to everybody. Ideally, you should select the TWINT app of a bank with which you have an account. This will allow you to link the app to your bank account.