TWINT – one app, many functions

As Switzerland’s leading payment app, TWINT makes the lives of its users a little easier every day. TWINT’s basic functions include cashless payments – quickly and conveniently by smartphone at cash registers, in online shops or at farm shops. The app can do much more than that, however. With TWINT, you can donate money to charities, pay parking fees or even withdraw cash, for example. It is also possible to take out insurance policies or order coffee with just a few clicks in the app. Discover the various functions of Switzerland’s most popular payment app now and use TWINT throughout the day!

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Twint throughout the day

How does TWINT work?

TWINT is an app for making payments and sending and receiving money – whether you’re paying for your shopping at the cash register, buying something in a farm shop round the corner or paying the bill after an enjoyable trip to a restaurant with your friends. The process of buying digital vouchers and paying parking fees works just like purchases in online shops – conveniently and directly in the TWINT app.

A brief explanation of TWINT

Use TWINT throughout the day securely and quickly with your smartphone.
TWINT is easy to use: download your bank’s app in the app store. Register step-by-step as per the instructions provided and link your bank account or save your credit card. And you will already be able to pay conveniently and securely with your smartphone – whatever everyday situation you are in.

TWINT also offers attractive solutions for business customers.

Send and request

With TWINT®, you can transfer money in real time – easily from smartphone to smartphone. And you can also request and receive money from friends and family. Whether you are sending or requesting money: with a photo and a few nice words, you can add a personal and friendly touch to your message.


With the TWINT app, you can make payments easily and conveniently: in online shops, at supermarket cash registers, in canteens and at vending machines. TWINT offers you many options and is always secure.

Mann scannt mit Handy QR-Code auf einem Tablet

Make online payments

Pay quickly and securely in online shops and apps: With TWINT, there is no need to enter a complicated card number. You can make payments easily in a matter of seconds using your smartphone via QR code. Open the TWINT app and point your camera at the QR code that you see in the online shop. Or enter the short code in the TWINT app that is displayed in the online shop or app.

Kassenterminal an dem mit dem Handy via TWINT bezahlt wird

Pay at cash registers

At many cash registers, you can pay with TWINT at the payment terminal via QR code. At Coop and other stores, the cash registers are equipped with TWINT Beacons: to make a payment, simply activate Bluetooth, open the app and hold your smartphone up to the TWINT Beacon.

At vending machines

Make cashless payments at vending machines: easily via QR code or the TWINT Beacon. Simply follow the instructions on the vending machine.

At the car park

Pay at the parking meter without the need for coins: to do so, simply scan the QR code that is attached to the parking meter. Enter your car registration number when using the function for the first time. Select your desired parking duration in the TWINT app and confirm the payment. The paid parking time can be terminated prematurely at any moment. You will then be reimbursed the remaining amount directly via the TWINT app.

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Save cards

You can store more and more cards digitally in the TWINT app. Whether with a customer loyalty card like the Coop Supercard or a membership card: you take advantage of the respective benefits of the saved card every time you pay with TWINT. And the icing on the cake: this function saves space in your wallet!

More functions

Download TWINT app

It does not matter who you bank with: TWINT is available to everybody. Ideally, you should select the TWINT app of a bank with which you have an account. This will allow you to link the app to your bank account.