Additional Tips

  • TWINT will never ask you for personal information, financial information or passwords via email, SMS, phone or mail except for identification by the support.
  • TWINT will never send you unsolicited emails or SMS with links and ask you to log into your account unless you have not yet downloaded the TWINT app and someone wants to send you money.
  • TWINT is only available as an application for iOS and Android, there is no web portal for the TWINT app.
  • Don’t allow anyone to ‘stress’ you with demands like, ‘unless you pay now, you will receive a fine or be charged a fee’. For example, scammers may use current events, emergency or political situations to contact you and ask for payments. Check the sender closely each time you receive such messages. If you are ever unsure whether a message is genuine or has really been sent to you by TWINT, please contact our Customer Service.
  • Only download the TWINT app from the Apple app store or the Google Play Store.
  • Report suspicious e-mails and spam relevant to TWINT to
  • If in doubt, contact the local authorities or police.


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