Does TWINT disclose my data to third parties?

TWINT never discloses personal data to providers and/or third parties without the customer’s consent.

TWINT only discloses data to providers and/or third parties if the user has explicitly consented to this. This may be necessary for certain services, e.g. for the saving of customer cards where the data is transmitted to the relevant partner (e.g. to Coop when the Coop Supercard is saved) in order to provide the user with a better shopping experience. Anonymised data will likewise be sent to Google Firebase on a voluntary basis. This data will be used to constantly optimise the TWINT app and cater to the needs of its users better.

As a user, you can determine whether or not you consent to this disclosure of data yourself within the app.

With the opt-in for stamp cards and coupons, the user decides whether they would like to have partner offers relevant to them displayed.

By opting in, customers neither provide their consent to the disclosure of personal data to third parties, nor does such disclosure take place by opting in. At the request of the customer, only the identifiers for discount coupons or customer cards that customers have previously saved in TWINT for this purpose will be sent to the merchant during the payment process. No other personal data is transmitted to the merchant. TWINT only provides the merchant with the amount, the date and the exact time of transaction.

The only exceptions are transfers between TWINT users. In these transactions, the telephone number and the name of the sender are transmitted to the recipient.

You can find further information on this topic in Section 4 (“Data Privacy”) of the GTC. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service team at any time.


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