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With TWINT, you can make convenient and secure payments with your smartphone – at the cash register in a supermarket, in an online shop, when shopping at a farm shop, on public transport, when parking, or when transferring money to your friends. With more than 5 million active users, TWINT is the leading payment app in Switzerland.

Kafeemaschine vor schwarzer Wand mit weisser Schrift verschnörkelt
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Our vision

At TWINT, we believe that innovation should make our lives better and enhance the way in which we live together. And that it should help us to focus on the things that really matter: The experiences that move us. The people who are close to us. The business that we are passionate about. Everything that allows us to move forward together.

That’s why we work constantly to make everyday life easier, ensuring that payments and everything related to them can be integrated smoothly into our lives, so we no longer have to worry about a thing. So that each and every one of us can make more of the moment.

On both a small and large scale. For ourselves, for others and for the whole of Switzerland.

Our history

TWINT was founded in September 2016 as Switzerland's payment app and has steadily grown in popularity over the past few years. The openness to all Swiss banks, the ever-growing acceptance in shops and online shops as well as a range of useful functions have made the TWINT app a loyal everyday companion for many people. TWINT now has over 5 million users and is one of the most popular brands in Switzerland.

September 2016

Founding of what is now TWINT AG through the merger of two predecessor companies

April 2017

The first banks launch their own TWINT app with direct account connection

October 2017

The first 500,000 users have registered with TWINT

June 2018

Launch of the QR code solution for small merchants together with the Swiss Farmers’ Union

August 2018

Parking fees can now be paid for using TWINT

August 2019

Launch of the Donate function in the TWINT app

January 2020

TWINT has 2 million registered users

May 2020

The “Parking” function can now be launched directly from the TWINT app

November 2021

4 million people are actively using TWINT

December 2021

Approximately 90% of all bank account holders in Switzerland can connect their accounts directly to their bank’s TWINT app

September 2022

Some 30,000 clubs and associations are using TWINT

December 2022

75% coverage of Swiss retail

January 2023

TWINT reaches 5 million users


  • In 2023, over 590 million transactions were processed with TWINT.
  • The majority of transactions are business payments. One third is accounted for by payments between friends and family (P2P).
  • TWINT has over 5 million active users.
  • 98% of people in Switzerland know TWINT.
  • More than half of the Swiss population uses TWINT regularly.

The people working in the background

Get to know the TWINT family!

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The Executive Board

Markus Kilb (Chief Executive Officer)
Thomas Graf (Chief Product Officer)
Jens Plath (Chief Marketing Officer)
Adrian Plattner (Chief Sales Officer)
Thomas Wicki (Chief Financial Officer)

To the Executive Board

Board of Directors

Søren Mose (Chairman of the Board of Directors)
Sandra Lienhart (Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors)
Roland Altwegg
Marc-Henri Desportes
Hans M. Graf
Andreas Kubli
Daniel Previdoli
Jose F. Sierdo

To the Board of Directors