Five questions to… Maximilian Wippel

Maximilian "Maxi" Wippel is doing a sports apprenticeship with us and tells you how he likes it.

1.     In which areas do you work at TWINT?

I am the first apprentice that TWINT has had and during my time here I have already worked in the areas of Finance, Business Operations and Sales. As part of my varied apprenticeship, I will also work in other areas of the company, for example I will get an insight into the Marketing and People departments.

2.     What do you particularly like about your everyday work?

My sporting commitments require that I have a great deal of flexibility, which I have found at TWINT. And it is not just when I have to leave early on an evening from time to time due to my rowing training, but also in other aspects of my life, too. For example, I am currently studying to take my driving test and my driving teacher was only able to find a slot for me in the middle of the afternoon. This is what I really like about my everyday work – in addition to the variety.

3.     How do you strike a balance between sport, work and your free time?

Thanks to my athlete’s apprenticeship with Swiss Olympic, I have the privilege to always assign top priority to sport, which is why I can strike an excellent balance between all aspects of my life. However, my whole life revolves around sport – whether it’s my lunch or a pleasant get-together with my friends. My friends and family, in particular, get a raw deal from time to time, but I can always count on a great deal of support from those around me. Everyone knows how important it is to me and have a great deal of understanding for the situation.

4.     What is your aim for the future? To be a top athlete or a TWINT employee? Or how about both? ;-)

Most realistically, probably a future as a TWINT employee. My focus is moving slowly but surely from sport to work – for the simple reason that I will not be able to earn much money via sport. What’s more, I have a lot planned as a TWINT employee – I like the working atmosphere, the team and the work itself! And who knows, perhaps I can make a sporting comeback once everything has settled down with work.

5.     Which TWINT functions do you use the most?

I actually pay for everything using TWINT. Before the pandemic, I definitely sent money to my friends the most, but now I use TWINT for everything. I pay for my online shopping with TWINT, as well as in stores and restaurants. I like the simplicity of the app.

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