Five questions to… Linda Usée

Our Project Manager for the integration of Sonect tells you what she still needs cash for.

The latest feature in the TWINT app allows users to withdraw cash. How did this idea come about?

At TWINT, we are always on the lookout for new and innovative applications for our customers. Our goal is to make day-to-day life in Switzerland simpler with our app, which is why “cash withdrawals” made their way onto our list of ideas. Although we are Switzerland’s “digital cash”, we also know that there can still be situations where you simply need cash.

And why is TWINT doing something like this at precisely the time many are switching to cashless solutions?

While we had the idea in mind for some time, implementing it under our own steam proved very complicated. When we starting talking to the CEO of Sonect, Sandipan Chakraborty, it was immediately clear to us: our two innovative companies should work together. Sonect is a cutting-edge and young company and thus fits perfectly with TWINT. With more than 2300 linked shops, we now together offer a very broadly spread “cash dispenser” network in Switzerland.

How did the cooperation take shape?

The cooperation between the two teams was intensive and very good. Both companies worked day and night to ensure that this implementation of Sonect within TWINT is now possible. A small team that has achieved an awful lot. I am proud to be part of it.

Whereabouts can cash be withdrawn? Is it really so easy?

Yes, it is very easy. In the TWINT app, you can select the function via TWINT+ and are taken through the app in a clear and simple manner. Here, you can also see straight away which of the 2300 shops is closest to your current location. At the end, you receive a barcode that you can simply present at the chosen k kiosk, for example, and have it scanned.

And what do you really still need cash for?

Have you ever used TWINT to pay for playing table football? There are always situations where cash is needed. My personal tip: ask for coins at the point of sale – what cash dispenser can do this? With the new Sonect function in TWINT, this is possible!

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