Coupons, stamp cards and customer loyalty cards

In general, your cards will be displayed to the merchant and you will automatically take advantage of the relevant benefits when you pay with TWINT. Cards that require presentation are an exception here. Please open these in the TWINT app and present them to the merchant.

You can save customer loyalty cards (e.g. the Coop Supercard or TCS membership card) under the menu item “Offers” > “Cards”.

You can deactivate the offers under the menu item “More” > “Conditions of use” > “Third-party offers”. Subsequently, no further coupons or stamp cards will be displayed to you under “Offers”.

A stamp card is a digital reward card that you can save directly in the TWINT app. If you make a payment with TWINT and have collected the required number of stamps, you will receive a free product or price saving from the merchant.

A coupon is a discount or price saving offered to you by a merchant directly in the TWINT app. All currently available coupons can be found under “Offers”. If you would like to use a coupon, select “Activate”. This is the only way to make sure you benefit (usually automatically) from the relevant discount the next time you make a payment.

General questions

You can download the desired TWINT app free of charge from the app stores. There is also no charge for using the TWINT app.

TWINT works with every telecommunications provider.

You require a smartphone with the iOS (from iPhone 4S and iOS 9) or Android (from version 4.4) operating system and Bluetooth function (from version 4.0).

  • Make simple and convenient payments – regardless of whether you are at a shop cash register, paying for a meal in a restaurant, browsing an online shop or wanting to make a purchase from a vending machine.
  • Send money to friends and also receive money from them.
  • Discounts and exclusive benefits thanks to digital coupons.
  • Digital stamp cards that reward loyal customers. Save customer loyalty cards in the app and automatically take advantage of the relevant benefits with every payment.
  • Compatible with the most popular Android and iOS smartphones.
  • Secure data thanks to data storage in Switzerland.

Some Swiss banks will soon offer their own version of the TWINT app. The benefit for bank clients is that they can link TWINT to their account (debit function). This means that payments made with TWINT are debited directly to their bank account. Alternatively, depending on the bank in question, it is also possible to save a credit card as a means of payment.
The existing TWINT app with the “Top up credit” prepaid function will continue to be available.

TWINT is Switzerland’s digital wallet. Whether you are shopping, paying for a meal in a restaurant, wanting to make a purchase from a vending machine or browsing an online shop: With TWINT you can make convenient and secure payments using your smartphone and at the same time take advantage of attractive benefits and discounts. TWINT also allows you to send money directly to the smartphones of your friends and family. A further practical function of TWINT: You can store customer loyalty cards and membership cards digitally in the app.

Making payments

If you use your bank’s TWINT app, you can link TWINT to your bank account in a simple manner or save your credit card. When you make payments with TWINT, the purchase amount will be debited directly to your bank account or credit card.
Should you use the TWINT prepaid app, you can top up credit to your app. Various top-up options are available.

No, these details cannot be used as a guarantee receipt or as a substitute for the sales receipt. They are merely provided to enable you to keep an overview of your spending.

TWINT does not have any detailed data relating to your purchases. For this reason, we can only show you the place of purchase and the purchase amount.

Yes, you can view all of your payments at any time under the “Statement entries” menu item.

Inform the cashier that you would like to pay using TWINT. Check whether your smartphone’s Bluetooth function has been activated. Hold the smartphone up to the Beacon from a distance of 5 to 10 centimetres, open the app and select “Pay now”. It may be the case that a WLAN signal is causing problems. Deactivate the WLAN signal on your smartphone and try again.

No, it is not currently possible to make payments outside Switzerland.

No, you can only make payments with TWINT in Swiss francs.

Yes, it is possible to make offline payments at cash registers with a TWINT Beacon.

How it works:

  • In the online shop, select “TWINT” as the payment method. You will be shown a QR code and a five-digit payment code.
  • Open the app and select the QR code symbol in the bottom-right. Either point your smartphone camera at the QR code or enter the payment code.
  • Confirm the amount by selecting “OK”.

You can make payments at a cash register in a convenient and simple manner:

  • Cash register with TWINT Beacon: Ensure that the Bluetooth function and location services (the latter only from Android 6) have been activated. Open the TWINT app and select “Pay now”. Briefly hold your smartphone up to the TWINT Beacon.
  • Cash register without TWINT Beacon: Open the TWINT app and select the QR code symbol. Point your smartphone camera at the QR code that is displayed to you.
  • After the payment has been successfully made, you will see a confirmation in the app.

Security and data protection

Your data is stored centrally on a server at a secure location in Switzerland. The TWINT server employs the same security measures that are used by banks in order to protect your data. TWINT regularly has external firms conduct audits to ensure that the protection of data is guaranteed.

TWINT only uses this data if you have expressly confirmed your desire in the app to receive third-party offers. This solution has been reviewed with the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) and been rated as exemplary. If you have provided your consent, TWINT will use your usage data and profile information in order to enable it to display offers to you in the app that are appropriate for you.

TWINT never discloses individual data to providers and/or third parties. Exception: If you provide your express consent, for example upon saving a customer loyalty card in the TWINT app. This solution has been reviewed with the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) and been rated as exemplary.

We require access to your camera during the scanning of a QR code and the completion of the identification process as well as when you would like to attach a photo when sending money. TWINT uses the access to your contacts in connection with the “Send money” function. This allows for the names to be displayed in the app.

The TWINT app can only be opened using your TWINT PIN. Important: The e-mail address that you provide as your security contact should not be linked to your smartphone. This ensures that unauthorised individuals are not able to reset your TWINT PIN with the smartphone.

As is the case with your wallet, you yourself are responsible for your money. If your smartphone has been stolen, you suspect fraudulent activity or you identify inconsistencies in connection with your transactions, please immediately contact the TWINT Customer Service on 058 667 98 41. Cases of fraud are examined individually.

You can have your TWINT account blocked at any time by calling our 24-hour Customer Service on 0800 99 88 77. The credit is not saved directly on the smartphone and can therefore also not be lost.

Send and request money

Yes, this is possible. You can withdraw the request under the “Statement entries” menu item.

No, this is generally not possible. Exception: If you have sent money to a person who does not yet have TWINT, you can cancel the transfer under the “Statement entries” menu item.

You can write text messages of up to 400 characters. You also have the option to add an image: Simply select the image from your gallery or take a new photo.

It is possible to send money to somebody even if they do not yet have TWINT. The relevant amount will be reserved for seven days until the recipient registers with TWINT.
You cannot request money from individuals who do not have TWINT.

You can accept the request and send the money. Or you can reject the request. Select “Statement entries” in the main menu. You can accept and reject individual requests here.

Topping up credit

You can release credit of up to CHF 5000 per year.

You can transfer your credit from the TWINT app back to your account. For legal reasons, it is only possible for withdrawals to be transferred to an account belonging to you.
How it works:

  • Open the TWINT app.
  • Select the menu item “More” > “Release money”.
  • Enter the desired amount as well as your IBAN.
  • Confirm that the indicated account belongs to you by ticking the checkbox.
  • Complete the process by selecting “Release now”.

Proceed as follows:

  • Register with your PostFinance Card and PIN.
  • Select the “Buy and top up” menu item and then select “Buy vouchers” and “TWINT”.
  • Enter the desired amount and confirm.
  • The Postomat will then print a receipt with the credit code. Enter the code in the TWINT app under “Top up credit” > “Voucher” > “Code”.
  • The credit will then be immediately available in your TWINT app.

Open the TWINT app and select the QR code symbol in the bottom-right. Point your smartphone camera at the QR code or enter the credit code. The credit will then be immediately available in your TWINT app.

You can buy credit codes from Postomats and at Swiss Post as well as at Coop supermarkets, Coop Bau+Hobby and Coop City (food and non-food).

The amount will be credited to you as soon as it is received by TWINT. This takes one to two working days.

Under the “Top up credit” menu, select “Deposit slip”. Complete the form and you will then receive your personal deposit slip via e-mail. Order your bank to execute a payment in e-banking. You can also set up a standing order or use the deposit slip on multiple occasions. You will receive a notification as soon as the money is received by TWINT. This generally takes one to two working days.

If you are at least 18 years of age and deemed creditworthy, an amount of up to CHF 200 will be credited to you immediately. Otherwise, the desired amount will be made available to you as soon as TWINT receives the money from your bank. In most cases, the amount is credited to your TWINT app the following day and no later than after one to two working days.

Update settings

You can find the General Terms and Conditions and information on the added-value services (“Third-party offers”) under the menu item “More” > “Conditions of use”.

You can change the language settings under the menu item “More” > “Profile settings” > “Language”. TWINT is available in German, French, Italian and English.

You can update your personal details under the menu item “More” > “Profile settings” > “Personal details”. If you change your details, TWINT will verify your identify once more.

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