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Whether at a farm shop, in an online store or on a market stall: TWINT offers you a variety of options for collecting cashless payments.

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Collect payments as you like

Cash register

Collect payments simply with TWINT, regardless of whether you have a cash register or payment terminal or even if you do not have any infrastructure at all.


With TWINT, your customers can make payments in your online shop quickly and easily.


Simple payments using a QR code sticker. TWINT makes it possible – even if you are not present at the point of sale yourself.

Loyalty Cards

Your loyalty card in the TWINT app

Loyalty schemes and customer loyalty cards are a popular means for improving customer retention. TWINT provides you with the option to integrate your existing loyalty card in the TWINT app. This means that your customers always have their card to hand – and also are glad to have more space in their wallet.

More about loyalty cards

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