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More than collecting payments

Accept payments with the TWINT mobile payment app, the payment solution with attractive advertising options.

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Collect payments as you like

A man is holding his smartphone up to the TWINT Beacon on a wooden table, in order to pay with TWINT.

At a cash register

TWINT can be adjusted flexibly to your cash register. Irrespective of which infrastructure you have: discover our variety of options for collecting payments.

Get to know TWINT

A woman is holding her smartphone up to a portable card terminal. The QR code can be seen on the screen of the terminal. The woman scans the code and pays for her purchase using the TWINT app.

Collect payments on the move

Are you always where your customers are? TWINT also accompanies you when you are on the move. Choose whether you would like to collect payments with a smartphone or tablet. Or activate TWINT on your mobile payment terminal.

View payment collection types

A young man is seated with his laptop on his lap. He is using his laptop to make an online payment with TWINT.

In e-commerce

TWINT is the simplest and fastest payment method for customers making purchases in your online or app shop. Whether you run a small-scale store or are a large online retailer: TWINT can be integrated in e-commerce in line with your needs.

More about TWINT in e-commerce

A woman is holding a smartphone and with the help of the TWINT app she is scanning a QR code at a Selecta vending machine so that she can pay for the purchase.

At vending machines

A practical payment option for anybody with no coins in their wallet: offer your customers the opportunity of also using their smartphone to make payments at vending machines. TWINT can be integrated in vending machines in a variety of ways, including via a payment terminal, a Beacon or using a self-service QR code.

Integration options

Mobile marketing with TWINT

Digital stamp cards

Offer your customers digital stamp cards and increase customer retention by making use of mobile marketing options: every time you collect a payment using TWINT, you can award a stamp (e.g. each time a menu is purchased). Once the customer has collected a certain number of stamps, you reward this loyalty with a free product or a discount on his or her next purchase.

More about stamp cards

A hairbrush, a pair of hairdresser scissors and a bottle of shampoo can be seen on a striped background. On the right one can see a smartphone screen on which a number of voucher and discount coupons are saved in the TWINT app.

Digital coupons

Making use of coupons in the TWINT app allows you to ensure that you are there where your customers often look – their smartphone. The benefit of acquiring clients with mobile marketing: you can address your target group directly without any scattering losses. The coupons are displayed to users in the app and can be taken into account automatically when collecting payments.

More about coupons

Digital loyalty cards in the app

Loyalty schemes and customer loyalty cards are a popular means for improving customer retention. TWINT provides you with the option to digitally integrate your loyalty card in the TWINT app. This means that your customers always have their card to hand – and also are glad to have more space in their wallet.

More about loyalty cards

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