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Is it possible to cancel a money transfer or a payment request?

Sending money 

The sending of money can generally not be cancelled.

There are, however, 2 exceptions:

1.     If you have sent money to a person who has not yet registered with TWINT, you can cancel the transfer under the “Transactions” menu item. The money transfer will automatically be cancelled after 4 days if the recipient of the funds has not registered with TWINT.

2.    If, after having sent the money, you receive a message in the app stating that it has not been possible to transfer the money and we will try again in the next 4 days, please be patient. You can also cancel this money transfer within the “Transactions” menu. If we are unable to credit the money to the recipient’s account within 4 days, the amount will be automatically transferred back to the sender.

Requesting money

Payment requests can only be cancelled if they have not yet been accepted by the counterparty. You can cancel the request within the “Transactions” menu.


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