Use TWINT to pay your Wingo bills

Wingo customer can now pay their bills directly via the TWINT app. This means that TWINT can be used to make payments in an even greater number of places.

With Wingo, a Swisscom subsidiary, customers can now use TWINT to pay their monthly bills and without having to log in online. Wingo is the first telecommunications provider to print the TWINT QR code directly on its paper and PDF bills, thus making it possible to pay bills simply, conveniently and in no time at all. All that customers have to do is open the TWINT app, scan the QR code on the bill and confirm the payment – et voila! This process is quick and simple, and there is no longer any need to laboriously type in the ESR number or log into the customer area or e-banking.

With the ability to pay bills from directly within the app, TWINT is expanding its wide range of possible uses with an additional innovative use case. The number of companies making use of this function is constantly growing.

Wingo has been operating on the Swiss Telecoms market since 2015 and is always dealing up new surprises with attractive offerings for telephony, Internet and TV services. What’s more, as communication needs are constantly changing and new technologies are creating new opportunities, the range of products and services offered by Wingo is also always changing. What stays the same is their simplicity –
streamlined and tailored exactly to the customers’ needs.

“The working partnership with the TWINT teams, which we really do appreciate, can be summed up in just a few words:

• Solution-oriented
• Straightforward
• Pragmatic

We have found a partner who is committed to our needs as well as our vision of agile further development,” said Valentin Schürmann, Head of Customer Care at Wingo.

In addition to the payment of invoices via QR code, there are further new potential uses planned to be launched in 2020. For example, we plan to offer the option of being able to record the total spending of a group within the TWINT app so that it can be split between individual group members later on. Users will also be able to make purchases directly from the TWINT app in 2020 so that vouchers.

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