Switzerland twinted around 590 million times in 2023 – mainly in brick-and-mortar stores

twint widget

In 2023, the people of Switzerland used TWINT to execute a total of 590 million transactions. This figure includes almost twice as many payments with TWINT in physical retail stores as were made in the previous year. In 2024, TWINT will become even more practical thanks to the introduction of widgets.

Today, it is hard to imagine everyday life in Switzerland without TWINT. From twinting among friends and family and making payments in stores to the various additional functions that help to make a wide range of everyday situations easier – with more than 5 million active users, TWINT has become one of the most preferred payment methods and one of the most popular Swiss brands. In 2023, TWINT users twinted more frequently than ever before, with a total of 590 million transactions being carried out using TWINT. Around 72% of these transactions were commercial payments.

In 2023, TWINT recorded impressive growth in brick-and-mortar retail stores in particular. The number of transactions made in physical stores almost doubled versus the previous year. The vast majority of the payments made in traditional retail stores were carried out at supermarket cash registers. This underscores the fact that TWINT is now one of the most popular payment methods used by Swiss consumers to pay for their day-to-day purchases. Smaller merchants, in particular, appreciate TWINT providing them with the opportunity to utilise electronic payments at favourable conditions. The TWINT QR code sticker allows customers to use their preferred payment method without merchants having to acquire a terminal.

Markus Kilb, CEO of TWINT, said: “The strong growth in the number of transactions made in traditional retail stores shows that TWINT has become part and parcel of the everyday lives of Swiss residents. Thanks to its simplicity and versatility, TWINT is the preferred payment method of both users and an ever-increasing number of merchants. We are also proud of the fact that TWINT is seen as more than just a payment method and is frequently used as an app to purchase gift cards and digital vouchers, make donations, pay for parking fees and buy tickets for public transport. Our aim is to make a significant contribution towards simplifying the day-to-day lives of people in Switzerland, both in stores and as a digital companion.”

TWINT is planning to further promote the use of the app in brick-and-mortar stores in 2024. One particular focus area is to make payments at in-store cash registers even quicker and more convenient. With this in mind, TWINT widgets for iOS smartphones will be gradually rolled out over the course of the year. TWINT users will thus be able to pay at the cash register directly from their smartphone’s home screen and even the lock screen in a matter of seconds. In addition, loyalty cards can be saved in an ever-increasing number of versions of the TWINT app, which makes it possible for them to be presented automatically during the payment process. In supermarkets such as Coop and Migros as well as at numerous other merchants, users can collect loyalty points when paying for their purchases without having to lift a finger or go rummaging through their wallets and purses. All of these functions ensure that the users’ lives are made even easier, while merchants benefit from new communication and sales channels.

Regardless of whether you are paying in an online shop or at a cash register, in a car park or at the top of a mountain, TWINT makes payment processes and the day-to-day lives of both its users and merchants easier thanks to the wide range of functions it offers. Switzerland has thus achieved something that many parts of Europe can only dream of – the establishment of an innovative and modern local payment system that grants users greater self-determination and independence through digital simplification. Switzerland has become one of the most advanced countries in Europe when it comes to digital payments.