What happens if I do not use my TWINT app for a prolonged period of time?

From a technical perspective, the frequency at which you use the TWINT app does not matter. Your TWINT account will continue to exist as long as you do not actively close it.*

However, the function for receiving money from other TWINT users will be temporarily deactivated for security reasons after a certain period of inactivity. Should you be affected by this and someone would like to send you money, we will make you aware of this by sending you an SMS. All you have to do then is simply log in to your TWINT app within four days of receiving the SMS. This will result in the money being credited directly to your account and the temporary deactivation of the “Receive money” function will be lifted again. If you do not log into the app within four days of receiving the SMS, the money will be credited back to the sender.

Please note that there may also be other reasons why a TWINT user is no longer able to send or receive money. Further information on this topic is available here.

*If you no longer want to use your TWINT account, please contact the issuer of your TWINT app to close your account. If you are using the TWINT Prepaid app, you can close your account as described here. In addition, the business relationship shall be considered as having been terminated by you if no transactions take place in your TWINT Prepaid app for a period of four years.


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