Data protection for the TWINT apps

TWINT attaches great importance to data protection and transparency. We would like to take this opportunity to provide users with a brief explanation of what data we store and for what purposes it is used. The GTCs accepted upon installing the app are legally binding.

Disclosure of data

TWINT never discloses personal data to third parties. Personal data refers to data that can be assigned to an individual person. The only exception is the disclosure of data to so-called contract data processors who handle certain data on behalf of TWINT.

Data collection and analysis

When collecting and analysing data, we differentiate between users who have chosen to opt in for third-party offers in the TWINT app and users who have decided to opt out. For users who have opted out, only data required for the processing of payments is collected. In the case of users who have opted in, additional data is collected and analysed. This data allows TWINT to display offers to users that best fit their profile.

Specifically, the merchants with which a user makes purchases with TWINT and the offers that he or she views, activates and redeems in the TWINT app are recorded and analysed. For users who have provided access to their smartphone’s location tracker function, their location is also determined when making active use of the TWINT app. This means it is possible to display offers to users that are available in the locations they frequently visit. The user’s location is not determined if the TWINT app is running in the background, i.e. no background tracking is performed. The TWINT app’s access to locational information can be activated and deactivated in the settings of the smartphone’s operating system.

Use of Google Analytics

In order to improve the TWINT apps on an ongoing basis, Google Analytics is used in all TWINT apps – with the exception of UBS TWINT and ZKB TWINT (UBS and ZKB do not deploy tracking tools or deploy their own tracking tools). Google Analytics analyses which contents users open in the app. This helps to identify errors and to improve the navigation in the TWINT app. No personal data is transmitted to Google. The smartphone’s IP address is anonymised. Users also have the option to deactivate tracking in the TWINT app’s settings (in the menu under “More” > “GTCs”).

Deletion of data

All data collected by TWINT is deleted or anonymised no later than after four years. We only store location data in an inexact manner (radius of 2 to 5 kilometres) and delete it after six months at the latest. The foregoing does not apply, however, to data that has to be stored for longer by law (e.g. payment data). If a TWINT user does not use the TWINT app over a period of two years, we assume that the user has deleted the TWINT app and delete all of his or her data that we are not required to store for longer by law. This means that all previously activated coupons and stamp cards are deleted.