What should I pay attention to when sending and receiving money?

  • TWINT allows you to quickly and securely send money to friends and your family (known as P2P payments). Never validate a TWINT payment if you do not know the recipient. If you are asked to initiate a payment to a private individual, do not validate the payment unless you are expecting this payment request. Carefully check the recipients’ details so that you are sending the payment to the correct person, and don’t rely on the message field in the payment request. This field is not part of the payment and is used only for communication.
  • When you initiate a P2P payment, use your contact list and check you have the correct details. Use the real name of the person and not a nickname for the payment.
  • If you are not sure you have the correct phone number of a person, ask the person if they can send you a payment request instead of sending money directly to them. That way you can make sure that the money gets to the correct recipient.
  • Payments to friends and family (known as P2P payments) cannot be initiated with a QR code. To initiate a P2P payment, you need the telephone number and the name of the recipient. If you would like to use this function to purchase goods or services, particularly from people you do not know, please proceed with caution and review the payment recipient carefully. Such transactions may involve attempted fraud.
  • Do not pay amounts to private individuals via QR or payment code. These payment options are only offered by commercial retail shops and merchants.
  • When paying in online shops, only use QR and payment codes from trusted sources and before paying, always review the payment recipient carefully.
  • Never use the ‘Release Money’ functionality to initiate payments. This function is only designed to transfer your TWINT prepaid credit to your personal bank account.


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