Is the TWINT widget also available for Android?

As Android does not permit lock screen widgets as standard and this option is only permitted by certain manufacturers of Android smartphones, the TWINT widget is not available for Android.

There are, however, other useful tricks to help you pay quicker using TWINT on an Android device:

Shortcuts for payments, sending money, requesting money and splitting payments:

  • Look for the icon for your TWINT app on your smartphone’s home screen
  • Press and hold your finger down on the icon for a couple of seconds
  • Depending on the issuer of your TWINT app, you will now see different TWINT functions
  • You can tap the function you want to open to access it directly in this part of your TWINT app, for example the QR code scanner (or the “Payment” option depending on the app)
  • Alternatively, you can also press and hold your finger on the function that you want to open and then drag it onto the home screen of your smartphone, thus creating a shortcut with its own app icon. This means that you can, for example, drag the QR code scanner directly onto your home screen and in future tap this icon to open the QR code scanner function directly within the app

Increasing the limits for automatic approval

You can also decide whether you would like to automatically approve payments of up to a certain amount made on terminals via your TWINT app. This means that payments up to the selected amount can be carried out automatically without you having to confirm each individual payment. Further information on setting up this function is available here.


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