I have switched banks. How do I change the bank account details that I have saved in the TWINT prepaid app?

If you had set up a direct debit arrangement with your old bank account in the TWINT prepaid app and have now switched to one of the following banks with which it is also possible to set up a direct debit arrangement in the TWINT prepaid app, you can adjust the arrangement as follows:

  • Tap the blue plus symbol (+) next to the credit display at the top of the app in order to access the “Top up credit” menu
  • Tap the logo of the bank with which you have a direct debit arrangement
  • Now, tap “Settings”
  • Enter your old IBAN (with which you have a direct debit arrangement) and tap the “Stop direct debit” button
  • Now, open the “Top up credit” menu and tap “Bank account”
  • Select your bank from those displayed in the list
  • Next, follow the instructions to send the direct debit application to your new bank directly from the app


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