Pay your parking fee with TWINT

In the town of Zug, it will soon be possible to pay your parking fee via the TWINT app. The advantage: people parking their vehicles only need TWINT and can pay within a matter of seconds. And what’s more, they only pay for the time they are actually parked. Working together with our partner Digitalparking, this solution is to be introduced in other large Swiss towns and cities by the end of 2019.

In the town of Zug, car drivers will soon be able to pay their parking fees using their smartphone. To do so, all they need to do is open the TWINT app, scan the QR code on the parking meter, enter their car registration number on a one-time basis and select the desired parking period in the app. The fee is then paid via TWINT and debited directly from the saved account or credit card. Those who leave their parking space earlier than planned can have the remaining amount reimbursed via the TWINT app.

The option to pay your parking fee using TWINT will be introduced gradually in the town of Zug over the next few weeks. It is already possible to pay for the parking spaces in front of Zuger Kantonalbank using TWINT. After the car park at Bundesplatz, the locations at Allmendstrasse, Feldstrasse, Hafen Ost and Hafen West will follow. The plan is for it to be possible to pay for your parking with TWINT throughout the town of Zug in 2019.

This innovative and one-of-a-kind solution in Switzerland is made possible by the partnership between TWINT and Digitalparking, the Swiss specialist for car-park management. “With TWINT, we have found a strong partner. By the end of 2019, Digitalparking will have launched the solution in half of Switzerland’s major towns and cities”, says Reto Shläpfer, Managing Director of Digitalparking. Over the coming months, the cities and towns of St. Gallen, Rapperswil, Frauenfeld and Yverdon-les-Bains will also be equipped with the solution.

The benefits for customers: they can pay their parking fee using their smartphone – without the need for coins or an additional app. All they require is the TWINT app. Paying the fee takes less time than having to insert coins in the parking machine. And remaining amounts can be reimbursed easily.

Zug town councillor Urs Raschle comments on the solution: “This project is perfect for our innovative town. Easily making cashless payments for parking fees without a special parking app is a flagship project. The town of Zug is delighted to play its part here.”

Pascal Niquille, CEO of Zuger Kantonalbank: “We have been a partner of TWINT from the very beginning because we want to enable our clients to make innovative cashless payments using their smartphone. During the search for a location for the pilot project, we were happy to open the door for the town of Zug. This will allow our population to benefit from a further payment option with TWINT.”

Thierry Kneissler, CEO of TWINT: “TWINT is Switzerland’s digital cash and can now also be used for parking. We are looking forward to hearing the feed-back from the people of Zug.

Try out now just how easy it is to pay your parking fee with TWINT:

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