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TWINT AG creates digital innovations in the financial sector. Since being founded in 2014, it has been developing Switzerland’s digital cash. In 2016, TWINT merged with Paymit. Today, Switzerland’s biggest banks and SIX are united in their support of the TWINT app, the Swiss standard solution in the area of mobile payments.


Markus KilbCEO, Member of the Executive Board

Anton StadelmannCFO / Deputy CEO, Member of the Executive Board

Adrian Reto PlattnerCSO, Member of the Executive Board

René HägeliCPO, Member of the Executive Board

Paul KreisCIO, Member of the Executive Board

Simon WehrliCTO




People Department


We only answer media enquiries here. If you need support or have a question about your TWINT app, please go to the Support section of our website.


Media contact

German-speaking Switzerland

TWINT Media Department
Stauffacherstrasse 31
CH-8004 Zurich

Telephone: +41 76 584 33 71

French-speaking Switzerland

Marie-Hélène Hancock
Hirzel.Neef.Schmid.Counselors AG
Rue de Malatrex 50
CH-1211 Geneva

Telephone: +41 79 204 21 22

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Press releases / Press reviews

Huge demand for TWINT among customers and providers due to the coronavirus situation

The increasingly stringent hygiene requirements seem to be boosting demand for mobile means of payment that do not…

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Use TWINT in over 1000 farm shops throughout Switzerland

Would you like to be able to pay for your shopping quickly and easily, even if you have…

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European Association to foster collaboration in mobile payments is growing

The year 2020 will be very important for mobile payments in Europe, with EMSPA playing a key role…

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WHO advises to use contactless payments

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has advised people to use contactless technology instead of cash as banknotes may…

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Digitec/Galaxus spreading false information

The allegations with which Digitec/Galaxus went public are untrue and misleading. The fact of the matter is that…

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Use TWINT to pay your Wingo bills

With Wingo, a Swisscom subsidiary, customers can now use TWINT to pay their monthly bills and without having to log…

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Business Chief Europe: TWINT – Payments, just better

TWINT is unique as it integrates peer-to-peer platforms in a way not previously seen. ‘TWINT is modified to…

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TWINT’s ‘Australia’ fundraising campaign enjoys huge success

Australia is currently being plagued by the worst bushfires in its history. Since September, 10 million hectares of land have…

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Two million users make TWINT the number one in Switzerland

The smartphone has now established itself as a means of payment. TWINT is observing an ever-growing number of users who…

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TWINT now offers direct account integration for Graubündner Kantonalbank

The GKB introduced its previous prepaid solution back in 2016. Now customers of Graubündner Kantonalbank can download the TWINT app…

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TWINT and RaiseNow are digitalising the fundraising market

TWINT and RaiseNow will be at the Inspire fundraising event in Zurich today to showcase their new digital fundraising solution.

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TWINT users set to be able to use the app to make payments in Europe

The smartphone has now established itself as a means of payment in a large number of European countries. These generally…

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Now also connect TWINT to a St.Galler Kantonalbank bank account

Now customers of St.Galler Kantonalbank also have the ability to carry around their bank account at all times in their…

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Twint swiss wide at around 600 farm shops

Would you like to be able to pay for your shopping in Swiss farm shops quickly and easily,…

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You can now also twint at Volg

Volg stores can be found in a great many Swiss villages, even in the most far-flung valleys. The…

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TWINT now available as a payment option in the largest charging network for electric vehicles

evpass is a company founded by Green Motion, the Swiss manufacturer of electric charging stations. More than 12,000 evpass users…

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Pay for your parking ticket with TWINT: now possible in Amden, Chur, Flims, Klosters, Sargans, Walenstadt and Weesen

You can now use TWINT as a payment method at 315 parking meters for approximately 7875 parking spaces. To benefit…

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‘Our customers should be able to pay for their tickets simply wherever they are and whatever the time of day.’

‘Our customers should be able to pay for their tickets simply wherever they are and whatever the time of day.’

Mr Bottini, how do SBB customers currently buy and pay for their tickets? What has changed in the last five…

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Be mobile with TWINT: from train journeys to parking

TWINT is now also saved as a payment method for SBB Mobile, the number one mobility app. ‘The SBB is…

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City of Zurich: Pay for your parking ticket with TWINT

From the middle of April, the TWINT app can be used in Zurich to pay at parking meters. The TWINT…

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Pay your parking fee with TWINT: now also possible in the canton of Ticino

In Chiasso, Locarno, Lugano, Melano, Mendrisio, Morbio and other municipalities, it is now possible to use the TWINT app as…

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Pay parking fees conveniently with TWINT: now also in Yverdon-les-Bains

The TWINT App can now also be used to pay parking fees at 80 parking meters, corresponding to some 2,000…

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TWINT prevails over Apple Pay

Following Apple’s decision to soften its stance, TWINT has the opportunity to prevent the superseding of its own payment solution…

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Worldline investment in TWINT successfully completed

As part of the strategic partnership between SIX and Worldline in the card business (merchant acceptance and acquiring and international…

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TWINT is astonished by the COMCO’s approach

The background to the investigation lies on allegations against banks regarding their behaviour towards other mobile payment systems (e.g. Apple…

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Now conveniently pay parking fees with TWINT in eastern Switzerland

As of today, car drivers in St Gallen, Frauenfeld and Rapperswil-Jona can pay their parking fees with TWINT in addition…

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TWINT with further major national partners

Since the end of October, it has been possible to pay with the TWINT app at more than 800 locations…

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Pay your parking fee with TWINT

In the town of Zug, car drivers will soon be able to pay their parking fees using their smartphone. To…

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TWINT continues to grow and appoints new CEO

The new CEO will take over management of the most widely used payment app in Switzerland. A little over a…

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TWINT winning over new online merchants all the time

More and more users are “twinting” in online shops, at the cash register and with their friends. In other words,…

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Worldline invests in TWINT

SIX and WORLDLINE yesterday announced a strategic partnership for card business (merchant acceptance & acquiring and international card processing). At…

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TWINT with new payment solution for mobile shopping: Migros among the first customers

During the payment process, users select TWINT as their payment method and the payment is then debited directly via TWINT…

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TWINT Sales under new management

TWINT has attracted a further established industry expert for its Executive Board. Adrian Reto Plattner is to take up the…

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‘TWINT is on the right path and has great potential’

Since leaving his post as Saxo Bank CEO in 2014, Søren Mose has supported financial institutions in implementing digitisation and…

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Half a million registered customers

‘We are delighted to have our five hundred thousandth customer. This figure demonstrates the great interest in TWINT. There is…

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TWINT strengthens its management team

‘Anton Stadelmann has accompanied TWINT from the beginning. He knows both those sitting on the management board and those working…

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Even more banks are counting on TWINT

As of today, the TWINT app is available to clients of four further major Swiss banks: Credit Suisse, PostFinance, Raiffeisen…

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Switzerland’s six biggest banks on the market with TWINT

As of today, the TWINT app is available to clients of four further major Swiss banks: Credit Suisse, PostFinance, Raiffeisen…

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TWINT lays foundation for new solution

The first step for the new TWINT has been taken: the new payment system, which marks the completion of the…

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TWINT to become Switzerland’s digital wallet

Since October 2016, the joint venture made up of Switzerland’s biggest banks and the financial services provider SIX has…

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