Where can I find the voucher codes that I have already purchased?

There are 5 different ways of viewing your already purchased voucher codes:

As a link after payment is made successfully (on the confirmation screen)
Once your payment is successful, a green confirmation screen will be displayed in your TWINT app. Tap the “Display code” button to be redirected back to the online shop where you can view the voucher code directly.

Via notifications on the home screen of your TWINT app
Immediately after you have made the purchase, you can also view your voucher code via the relevant notification on the home screen of your TWINT app.

Via the online shop

  • Go to the “Partner functions” section in your TWINT app and select the option “Digital vouchers”. The 4 most frequently used additional functions are displayed here. You can view a complete overview of these functions by tapping “Show all”.
  • You will now be redirected to the online shop.
  • Tap the “My credit and vouchers” button to see an overview of all of the voucher codes you have purchased to date.
  • Tap “Display code” next to the code you would like to see to have it displayed.

Via your transaction overview

  • In your transaction overview, find the relevant transaction based on the date and the amount. The transaction will be displayed as “TWINT Digital Voucher”. Tip: Within the “Transactions” menu on the home screen of your TWINT app, you will find your most recent transaction.
  • Tap the transaction to view the transaction details. Here, tap “Show details” under the order details to be taken directly to the purchased voucher code.

In your e-mail inbox

  • Open your e-mail inbox.
  • Look for the corresponding confirmation e-mail.


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