What is the “cash withdrawal” function in TWINT+ and how do I use it?

In TWINT+, you can withdraw cash in selected Sonect partner shops without the need to visit an ATM.

How it works:

  • Open the TWINT app and tap the “TWINT+” tile.
  • Tap “cash withdrawal” and you will be forwarded to the web application of our partner “Sonect” in your Internet browser.
  • The next step is to select an amount between CHF 20 and CHF 200. The amount can be changed in increments of CHF 10.
  • You will now see the fee that you will be charged for withdrawing cash. The fee for withdrawals of up to CHF 100 is CHF 1.00, and CHF 1.50 for withdrawals of CHF 110 and above. The fee is added onto the amount that you selected.
  • Tap the “Next” button and confirm that you would like to open the TWINT app.
  • Now approve the payment in the TWINT app by tapping OK to confirm the amount.
  • You are now able to withdraw cash from the Sonect partner shop you selected for the next 15 minutes.
  • Open the TWINT app and tap the “Statement entries” tile.
  • Find your last transaction in your transaction overview.
  • Tap the transaction to view the transaction details. Here, tap “Show details” under the order details to be taken directly to your barcode for the cash withdrawal in your Internet browser.
  • Present the barcode on your smartphone screen at the cash register in the Sonect partner shop so that it can be scanned and you can receive the cash amount you ordered.
  • You will receive a receipt with every successful transaction.

Please note that this function may not be available in every TWINT app. Should you not be able to find the function in your respective app, please contact the Customer Service team for your TWINT app.


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