I use more than one TWINT app. If someone sends me money, which app will it be delivered to?

If you have more than one TWINT app, you can set one of these as the standard app for receiving transfers. If you do not define a standard app, the most recently installed TWINT app will always be set up as the standard app. You can make this setting in the TWINT app that you want to define as being the standard app by following the instructions below:

Open your TWINT app and tap the three dots or dashes in the upper right or left corner, then tap “Receive money” under “Payment settings” and then tap “Receive money with this app”.

You will then receive a code via SMS, which you must enter to confirm this setting in the TWINT app. This TWINT app has now been defined as your standard TWINT app for receiving money.

Please note that you can only receive money with the standard TWINT app. If you would like money to be paid into a TWINT app that has not been set up as your standard app, you can do this by simply sending a payment request to the sender from the TWINT app in question. Please note however that if you do this, this app will be set as the standard TWINT app. You will therefore also receive an SMS code that you must enter and all future money transfers will be credited to this app.

If you use a TWINT app other than the TWINT Prepaid app, the procedure may differ slightly. If you have any questions, please contact the customer service of your TWINT app directly.


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