What is the “Super Deals” function in TWINT+ and how do I use it?

In TWINT+, you can benefit from attractive daily and weekly deals as well as further discounts from selected partners.

How to take advantage of daily and weekly deals (products available at a special price):

  • Open your TWINT app and tap the “TWINT+” tile.
  • Tap “Super Deals” and you will be forwarded to the TWINT Super Deals web portal in your Internet browser.
  • Tap the offer in which you are interested.
  • You will now see the detailed information about the item and are able to select various configurations, depending on the item. You can also forward this deal to your friends quite easily – to do so, simply use the “Share” function.
  • Tap the “Go to checkout” button.
  • Suggested accompanying items that complement your item will now be displayed on screen and can be added to your order. To add the suggested item to your order, tap “Details”.
  • Confirm your selection by tapping “Add to order” and then tap “Go to checkout”.
  • Now enter your personal details as well as your invoice and delivery address.
  • Confirm that you have understood the GTCs of TWINT and the partner store. Also confirm whether your personal details should be saved in your profile with TWINT AG and whether you would like TWINT to inform you about further offers in the future.
  • Tap “Continue to overview”.
  • Review your order and tap “Order now” to move to the payment screen.
  • You will now be taken back to the TWINT app where you can confirm the payment.
  • Once the payment has been successfully confirmed, you will receive a payment confirmation for your order via e-mail. You will also find the order details under “My account” on our web portal.
  • As soon as your order has been successfully sent to the merchant, you will receive a separate order confirmation e-mail with further information on the delivery and dispatch of the product.

How to benefit from the discount offers:

  • Open your TWINT app and tap the “TWINT+” tile.
  • Tap “Super Deals” to be forwarded to our web portal via your browser.
  • Tap the discount offer in which you are interested. Here, you will find all of the information about how you can redeem the discount offer and the conditions pertaining to the offer.
  • Tap the “Benefit now” link and you will be forwarded to our partner’s website for which the discount applies.
  • Important: The discount can only be made available to be used with the partner if you tap the “Benefit now” button and are forwarded to the partner’s offer. If you access the partner’s website manually (e.g. on the computer or by navigating straight to the website via your smartphone’s browser), the discount cannot be guaranteed. Please therefore make sure that the discount is displayed on the checkout screen of the partner’s website and has been deducted from the purchase price. Discounts cannot be credited, reimbursed or provided retroactively.

Please note that this function may not be available in every TWINT app. Should you not be able to find the function in your respective app, please contact the Customer Service team for your TWINT app.


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