A talk with our CEO

Markus Kilb reports on latest business developments within TWINT.


We have been living in a whole new world this last two months or so. Here at TWINT, we have had to send all of our employees home and asked them to work from home. This has worked extremely well. I believe that this was important and the right thing to do, as at TWINT we want to make a worthwhile contribution to ensuring that Switzerland is well placed to withstand the current crisis and that you have access to a hygienic, clean and secure means of payment.

We are enjoying great popularity among customers, with more than twice as many customers as before registering for our service every day. This figure currently stands at 7000 new customers every day. Mirroring this growth, registrations for new merchants have also increased massively – particularly among smaller merchants, who are now registering with us in their droves.

One of the things that we are very pleased about in terms of the new customers is that older customer groups, in particular, are now also discovering TWINT for themselves in their numbers. In the “Over 60s” age group, we have recorded a growth rate that is twice as high as the other customer groups. These new registrations have seen our customer base rise to a current figure of 2.5 million customers. By the end of the year, we are sure to pass the three million mark.

This is also the case with merchants. Many, many hundreds of merchants have been registering for our service every day. We are still seeing these figures even to this day, and it’s not just large merchants that are signing up, but also an enormous number of small merchants. These include neighbourhood stores and a great many farm shops that are now registering with us as they want to offer their customers a fast, secure, convenient and hygienic payment option. This is working extremely well. We are very happy that we can make a contribution here.

All in all, we have noticed that the transaction figures for the past week are 75% up on the transaction figures recorded prior to the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis. This also shows us that we are on the right track. This is important for us, as we want to be a means of payment that can be used by all of the Swiss population.

We will continue down this path and will also keep on making use of this opportunity. We will also provide constant updates on what we are planning in terms of new functions and improvements as well as the services that we have already launched on the market.

Until then, I wish you all the best. Stay healthy and speak to you soon.

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