Take out bicycle insurance with TWINT

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Insure your bicycle against theft and damage extremely flexibly and easily – directly in your TWINT app and at great conditions.

bike and cellphone with bike insurance showing on screen

How it works

step 1

Open your TWINT app and then tap the “Insurance” section.

step 2
Select the appropriate bicycle insurance and enter your personal details. The offers are provided by Würth Financial Services AG.

step 3
Review the summary, confirm your selection and return to the TWINT app for fast and secure payment.

Do I need bicycle insurance?

Is your bike an important part of your everyday life, as you ride it regularly to work? Do you enjoy going out for a Sunday bike ride? If you answered yes to either or both questions, you should definitely insure your bicycle or e-bike.

Approximately 35,000 bikes are stolen in Switzerland every year. The theft of e-bikes, in particular, is rising from year to year. Bicycles are often victim to vandalism too. That’s why it is very risky to not have bicycle insurance in Switzerland – in the worst case, it will cost you the full value of your bike.

You can find all-round protection for your bike in the TWINT app now.

Our partner will provide you with reliable protection if:

stolen bikeYour bike is stolen

damaged bikeSomeone damages your bike

bike accidentYour bike needs repairing or you have an accident while riding your bike

What are the advantages of taking out bicycle insurance via TWINT?

Würth Financial Services AG offers you reliable protection at attractive conditions in the TWINT app. At the same time, you always have full control over your insurance for your bike. You get the following advantages:

  • Individually selectable models: With the flexible contract model offered by our partner, you can decide for yourself which areas your bike or e-bike insurance policy will cover – this could be reliable protection against theft and vandalism or additional personal assistance in the event of an accident or should you need repairs. Choose between the Comfort or All-round package.
  • Flexible contracts: The transparent contract model offers you a minimum term of just six months and then a one-month right of termination. This means that you have the freedom to have your bike insured exactly when you need it.
  • Simple payment: Our partner will charge the premiums for the bike insurance automatically to your TWINT account, so you don’t have to worry about making payments yourself.
  • Reliable service: You can look forward to a simple process when reporting a claim. It’s easy to report a claim digitally in your app. Should you have any questions, you can also call our bicycle insurance partner directly from the app.
  • It’s quicker and easier to take out insurance: Take out your insurance policy directly in TWINT – without any paperwork whatsoever and in just a few taps of the screen.

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Good to know: Your accessories are always insured as well.

FAQ: Bicycle insurance with TWINT

Would you like to know more? Here, you will find our answers to the most frequently asked questions on insurance.

Why do I need bicycle insurance?

Incidents with bicycles can quickly become very expensive. Especially if your bike is top of the range or new. Bicycle insurance will cover any large costs that you may incur.

When and how do I pay?

You don’t have to worry about this. The premiums will be automatically charged to your TWINT account every month after you have taken out the insurance.

Where am I insured?

You are insured everywhere in the world.

Who does my insurance cover?

You, as the owner of your bicycle, are insured – regardless of who was using the bicycle when the damage was incurred.

Besides my bicycle or e-bike, what other things are also insured?

Accessories and baggage are also insured up to a value of CHF 300 per object, regardless of whether they are connected to the bike or you carry them loose. In each individual claim, a maximum of CHF 1000 is covered with respect to accessories and luggage.

How long is the contract term?

The minimum term is six month, after which time termination of the contract is subject to one month’s notice.

How do I terminate my policy?

You can terminate your policy once the minimum term of six months has passed by simply tapping the “Terminate insurance policy” button in InsurHub within the TWINT app.

How do I report a claim?

You can report a claim quickly and easily by sending the insurer the key information about the claim via the TWINT app. Here, you can also send attachments such as photos and reports. If you would like to talk to the insurer, you can call them conveniently via the app.

Is there a waiting period for claims?

There is generally no waiting period, except for damage caused by wear and tear for which there is a waiting period of three months. Please note that claims that already existed upon the taking out of the insurance policy are not insured.

Do I pay a deductible in the event of a claim?

Yes, in the event of theft or damage, your deductible for the Comfort tariff is CHF 200 and for the All-round tariff CHF 100.

How many claims can I report per year?

You can make an unlimited number of claims per year. There is only a maximum limit on the amount insured for each coverage module, depending on the declared purchase price.

Is my bicycle not already insured under my household insurance?

A classic household insurance policy only covers the risks of any damages arising from fire, water, natural hazards and theft. Consequently, such policies do not provide insurance cover for any damage to bicycles or e-bikes within the household without supplementary cover having been taken out, except for any damage caused by one of the aforementioned risks. It must also be noted that incidents of theft are only insured if such an event takes place within the home, unless you have taken out the more expensive “simple theft away from home” supplementary cover. Your bicycle or e-bike will often depreciate in value rapidly within your household insurance policy. Under our insurance policies, the key factor for determining the amount of compensation you will receive is the age of your bicycle or e-bike at the point in time at which you took out the insurance policy. If, for example, you take out an insurance policy from us up to three years after you purchased your bicycle, you would receive the “as-new” price of the bike as the maximum sum over entire term of the insurance.

Other questions?

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