Switzerland is using TWINT

Four million active users

The popular TWINT app has reached the four million active users mark in 2021 and thus recorded a one million increase in the number of people that regularly use this app in their everyday lives.  

In 2021, the number of users that actively use TWINT grew by a further one million to a total of four million. This has resulted in the app further consolidating its leading position among Swiss mobile payment providers. However, people no longer just use TWINT to make payments, as the app has turned into an everyday companion in our users’ lives, particularly over the last year.
Over 200 million transactions in a year 
With more than 200 million transactions being made in 2021, the payment app has established itself as an indispensable payment method. The reasons for the frequent use of the app are the functions that make day-to-day life simpler and go beyond the payment process. For example, it has never been so easy or quick for users to pay for parking in more than 700 cities, towns and municipalities. In addition, we have recently started making special offers (known as TWINT Super Deals) available exclusively to TWINT users.

The goal: making everyday life simpler 
“Our goal is to make the lives of our users simpler in as many situations as possible,” says Markus Kilb, CEO of TWINT. The number of offers on the TWINT marketplace has thus been doubled over the past year. Tickets and Nespresso capsules can be ordered and paid for directly via the app, and cash can also be withdrawn using the app. In addition, a number of major banks, such as Thurgauer Kantonalbank, Migros Bank, Valiant and, last but not least, Glarner Kantonalbank have launched their own TWINT app, providing customers with the huge advantage of being able to connect their bank account directly to the app.

Focus on the customers 
In all of the innovations developed in-house at TWINT, the focus is always placed on the needs of our customers. Owing to this, the company was recently presented with the gfm Marketing Award, which particularly valued TWINT's proximity to its customers.