Switzerland – a leader in mobile payments

3.5 million active TWINT users

Making payments using a smartphone is more popular in Switzerland than in almost any other country. The main driver of this is the Swiss payment app, TWINT. Half of the Swiss population uses the app regularly.

Major international payment providers are trying to conquer the Swiss market, but only one app is managing to do this. The Swiss payment app, TWINT, is used regularly by half of the Swiss population[1] and according to the latest survey has massively outpaced Apple Pay and other popular services[2].

The Swiss are mobile payment-savvy

The latest figures show that mobile payment is used much more in Switzerland than it is in the neighbouring countries of Germany and Austria. A recent study carried out by BearingPoint revealed that a large number of people in Switzerland use TWINT frequently (45%), which is a considerably higher figure than in neighbouring countries, where no single provider has up to now been able to surpass a user share of 7 percent. This also underlines the latest TWINT usage figures. In the last twelve months, the Swiss payment app has recorded 3.5 million active users. Every day sees around 4,500 new accounts registered, which represents an enormous level of growth.

The recipe for success: a national payment app

The app is not just popular with users, but also with the large number of merchants and TWINT partners in Switzerland. A survey that TWINT carried out among its users shows that the innovative features of the app and its local roots as a Swiss brand in particular have helped to ensure that users are happy to use the app frequently.[3] National mobile payment methods have for a long time been given little chance of success by experts. TWINT has proven that a local system can work excellently – even in Switzerland. There have also been similar success stories in other European countries, such as Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Can be used outside of Switzerland, too

The locality and the focus on Swiss customers are important factors that have contributed to TWINT’s success. Nevertheless, the Swiss payment app intends to make the move into foreign markets. The aim of this move is to allow users to be able to make payments with TWINT in other countries in the future, too. One factor relevant for this is the formation of a coalition of a number of mobile payment solutions in Europe under the name of the European Mobile Payment Systems Association (EMPSA).
[1] 3.5 million active users out of 7.6 million residents aged 11 and over in Switzerland.
[2] Swiss Payment Monitor and the SNB payment method study, 2021
[3] TWINT brand tracker, 2021