TWINT now also accepted at LIDL, McDonald’s and Zalando!

In both brick and mortar retailers and online shops, TWINT has become one of the most popular payment methods in Switzerland. Some 76% of Swiss online and offline shops now offer TWINT as a payment method.

Today, it is hard to imagine everyday life in Switzerland without TWINT. Whether you’re using it at the cash register in a shop, when shopping online, in a farm shop or when visiting a restaurant with friends, TWINT allows you to make quick and secure cashless payments in all sorts of settings. Thanks to TWINT, Switzerland has become one of the leading countries in Europe with respect to mobile payment, with the number of TWINT acceptance points continually growing. According to a recent study carried out by ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences, approximately 77% of bricks and mortar retailers and 76% of online shops in Switzerland now offer TWINT as a payment method.[1]

This means that TWINT is now available as a payment method in the overwhelming majority of brick and mortar merchants in Switzerland and an ever-increasing number of online shops are allowing their customers to make simple and secure cashless payments with the TWINT app. In 2022, a large number of renowned merchants have in turn activated TWINT as a payment method. In addition to retailers such as Coop, Migros and ALDI, who had already been accepting TWINT payments for some time, Denner and LIDL, among others, have also started offer TWINT payments this year. Users have also been busy twinting at McDonald’s since spring of this year. The number of online shops that offer TWINT as a payment method has likewise risen sharply, with Globus, Hotelplan, ifolor, Breuninger, Just Eat and Zalando all getting onboard.

Owing to the numerous additional acceptance points, digital payments have now become even easier and more convenient for the over 4 million active users of the TWINT app. With a coverage of more than three-quarters of the Swiss retail landscape, you can rely on secure and rapid payment with TWINT almost everywhere in Switzerland during your upcoming Christmas shopping trips. Regardless of whether you’re shopping online, buying groceries at the supermarket or enjoying mulled wine at the Christmas market, TWINT helps people in Switzerland by simplifying their day-to-day lives.

[1] Corina Lösch, Marcel Stadelmann, ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Merchant survey on cashless payments in Switzerland (2022, study sponsor: treibauf AG).