Pay with TWINT at Coop

Mann und Frau mit Einkaufswagen

Do you know the advantages of using TWINT® at Coop? Not only are payments secure and quick, but you can also collect Coop Superpoints at the same time without taking out your Supercard.

Mann und Frau mit Einkaufswagen
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How can I pay with TWINT at Coop?

Paying at the supermarket is a snap. TWINT is also quick and easy to use at Coop. The sooner you scan the QR code at the payment terminal, the sooner the payment process is completed. This means you have more time to pack your shopping.

How to pay at the Coop cash register:

  • Use the TWINT app to scan the QR code at the payment terminal while your shopping is being scanned.
  • Confirm your payment, if necessary.

This will save you a great deal of time and your saved Supercard will be applied automatically.

How to pay at the Coop self-checkout:

  • Once you have scanned the first product, scan the QR code on the payment terminal with the TWINT app.
  • Continue to follow the instructions on the self-checkout screen.

At certain stores, such as Coop Pronto, you’ll continue to find a Beacon. You can use the standard procedure via Bluetooth and pay conveniently with TWINT.

Save your Coop Supercard in TWINT

TWINT is the only way to automatically use your Supercard. It’s never been easier to collect Superpoints. You can save your Supercard with just a few clicks.

It couldn’t be quicker:

  • Open the TWINT app and tap the menu
  • Under Loyalty cards, tap the + symbol and select “Coop Supercard”
  • Log in with your Supercard ID – and you’re done!

Every time you make a purchase with TWINT, you will automatically collect Superpoints without having to show your Coop Supercard separately. Once you’ve saved it, you’ll always have it – you can also save your Coop Supercard in your TWINT app.

Advantages of using TWINT at Coop


  • Quick and secure
    Your transaction is done in just a few seconds
  • Automatically collect Superpoints
    With your saved Coop Supercard customer details, your points are credited with no need to show the physical card
  • Overview at all times
    All transactions can be accessed in the TWINT app at all times, so you have full control of your spending

Top up the TWINT prepaid app at Coop

The TWINT prepaid app can be topped up using the credit code. You can get this credit code at Coop supermarkets, Coop Bau+Hobby and Coop City, among other places. To top up your credit, open your TWINT app, tap on the QR symbol at the bottom right and scan the credit code. Or you can enter the code. Your credit will then immediately be available in the TWINT app.

Download TWINT app

It does not matter who you bank with: TWINT is available to everybody. Ideally, you should select the TWINT app of a bank with which you have an account. This will allow you to link the app to your bank account.