Where can I pay with TWINT? – An overview of acceptance points

Payments can be made with TWINT almost everywhere in Switzerland. New businesses, farm shops, restaurants and online shops in which TWINT can be used as a payment method are added every day.

We show you where you can pay securely and quickly with TWINT.

Pay with TWINT® in online shops

Many Swiss online shops accept TWINT®. Some examples of where you can make quick and secure online payments with your TWINT® app can be found here:

… and in many other online shops.

Using TWINT to pay in online shops is child’s play and super fast. At the check-out, select “TWINT” as the payment method. Now, use your TWINT app to scan the QR code or enter the five-digit code. On mobile sites, you can normally also switch directly to the TWINT app to ensure a seamless payment process. Please note that you will only receive the five-digit code and the TWINT QR code from merchants. Transfers to private individuals must be carried out via the “Send money” function in the main menu of the app.

Further information on payments in online shops is available in our FAQ article along with an explanatory video.

Pay at cash registers with TWINT®

Regardless of whether you are at the supermarket, in the canteen or at the hairdresser’s, TWINT® allows you to pay conveniently and securely at an increasing number of cash registers across Switzerland. For example, here:

…and also at Selecta vendingt machines.

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In most cash-register systems, a QR code to be used for payment will be displayed to your on the terminal. Open your TWINT app and scan the code.

A detailed description of how to use TWINT to pay at the cash register is available in the TWINT payment functions or in our FAQ article.