New QR-bills can also be paid using TWINT

The 2.5 million TWINT users don’t have to worry about changing the way in which they make payments with the introduction of the QR-bill, as the Swiss QR code on the bill can also be scanned and paid in the usual manner with the TWINT app. The only requirement is that the billing party has integrated TWINT into the Swiss QR code as an alternative means of payment.

As of 30 June, the red and orange deposit slips that have been used up until now will be gradually replaced by QR-bills. TWINT welcomes this innovation and is supporting the establishment of the QR-bill throughout Switzerland by opening it up to the huge potential of being used by 2.5 million TWINT users, who don’t need any other apps to also be able to use the Swiss QR code. TWINT is now offering all merchants and partners the prospect of integrating TWINT into the Swiss QR code. Companies such as Swisscom have already made it possible for their customers to pay bills using TWINT.

The number of people that use the TWINT mobile payment system has almost doubled in comparison to this time last year, with the number of payment transactions also having increased by more than 300%. This means that TWINT will also be able to play a major role in the digitalisation of the payment of bills. TWINT is in close contact with a wide range of billing parties so as to ensure that TWINT can be used to pay the first QR-bills as soon as possible.

TWINT is confident that TWINT users will be among the first to prefer to pay their bills via QR code. This is because they are already used to making payments in this way for purchases from online shops, at cash registers and for public transport tickets, which is why they don't have to worry about adapting to new processes and technologies.

How to pay QR-bills using TWINT

Upon seeing the TWINT logo on the bill, TWINT users will realise that they can use the TWINT app to scan this bill as per usual. All that is left for them to do now is confirm the payment in the app and the bill is paid.

The billing party immediately receives a notification that the bill has been paid, which results in the service being activated or the goods being shipped right away.

This simple payment method is likely to see bills being paid with TWINT much quicker, instead of just gathering dust. The billing parties will also benefit from this, as they will spend less time waiting for their income.

What’s more, the billing parties now have more options to design the way in which bills are paid with TWINT in order to meet their requirements. For example, dialogue channels with customers can be opened, i.e. for feedback, repeat orders and compatible accessories.

Bill payments made via TWINT can be processed by the provider in a simple and integrated manner. As a result, the time-consuming allocation of incoming payments to accounts is no longer necessary.

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