The following questions and answers relate to TWINT in general. If you have questions regarding your bank’s TWINT app, please contact your bank.

Business Customer

  • A convenient payment process with attractive transaction prices across all channels: cash registers, vending machines, online shops, app shops and on the move with a smartphone or tablet
  • Mobile marketing channel that allows you to address your target group directly (targeting) and measure your success
  • Possible to digitise customer loyalty and reward cards
  • Favourable infrastructure, simple connection process

Thanks to the various available connection options, TWINT is suitable for all merchants. Find out which TWINT solution best suits you, and contact your acquirer.

You can use TWINT with your existing terminal or cash-register software. If you wish to use TWINT via your cash-register software, you also require a TWINT Beacon. These can be acquired during the registration process (CHF 95 per unit with a three-year guarantee).
You can collect payments with TWINT even if you do not have any existing payment infrastructure in place. Install the TWINT merchant app on your tablet (iOS or Android) or use our solutions for MacOS and Windows. Self-service QR codes are available for self-service shops.

Several major cash-register software providers have already integrated TWINT in their software or are currently working on the implementation process. Go to overview: https://www.twint.ch/integration

Using TWINT’s User-on-File alias solution, customers can pay quicker in online shops and apps by saving TWINT permanently as a payment method. The alias solution is especially suitable for subscription models or for making payments for small purchase amounts. User-on-File is also suitable for customers who have reservations about using a credit card or who do not even have one.

The connection process in the area of e-commerce is completed via payment service providers (e.g. Datatrans, PostFinance, SIX Saferpay, Concardis) or via a shop plug-in.

Please take a look at the current list. The plug-in can be procured in a very simple manner from our plug-in provider. You can select whether it should take on responsibility for the installation straight away and thus save you any additional work. Costs may vary depending on the provider, shop tool and plug-in.

The process for implementing TWINT in vending machines depends on the type of vending machine in question. If you are interested, please contact your acquirer.

As a merchant, you will be required to pay transaction costs (depending on the acquirer) and one-time costs for the TWINT Beacons (CHF 95 per unit with a three-year guarantee). The TWINT merchant app, the MacOS solution and the Windows solution are free of charge. All you require to use them is a suitable device.

The total of the transactions executed up to 11 p.m. will be credited to your account with a value date of plus two days. You will receive a list of the executed transactions with details of the payment date on a daily basis.

TWINT coupons are digital discount offers which users see directly in the TWIN app. Coupons offer a variety of options for allowing you to ensure that you are present with your mobile marketing campaign where your customers’ eyes are drawn on a very frequent basis – on their smartphone. Your benefit: You increase your sales and reach your target group. Further information on mobile marketing and order options can be found at twint.ch.

TWINT stamp cards are digital reward cards which users save directly in the TWIN app. As is the case with conventional stamp cards, you reward your customers for their loyalty, for example by offering them a voucher after making ten purchases. Your benefit: greater customer loyalty and increased sales.

We would be delighted to provide you with information about the integration options. Please contact us via e-mail at sales@twint.ch.

You can reach the Customer Service team by calling 058 667 98 44 or sending an e-mail to support@twint.ch.

Static: the QR code has a specific value. The customer scans the QR code and has to confirm a fixed amount.

Variable: the QR code does not have a specific purchase amount. The customer scans the QR code and enters the total purchase price before confirming the relevant amount.

In exceptional cases, the delivery of the stickers can take a little longer. Should the QR codes not arrive with you in the next few days, you can contact TWINT Support directly (by sending an e-mail to support@twint.ch or calling +41 58 667 98 44).

After the payment, you can ask the customer to show you the confirmation screen. Otherwise, you can check all executed transactions in the merchant portal at any time.

The daily balance will be automatically transferred to your bank account within two working days.

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