TWINT as a payment method in online shops

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If you already use an e-commerce solution from SIX or another provider (currently Nets), please contact the provider in order to integrate TWINT.

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The TWINT app in e-commerce

Practical solution for customers without a credit card

Advantageous conditions

Fewer payment cancellations

How it works

Instructions – online shop with TWINT

TWINT® is the quick and simple payment method for your online shop. Do you have any questions? Many answers can be found in the FAQ area.


Make payments in online shops

The quick method for your customers to pay in your online shop: simply scan the QR code with the TWINT app.

Also available for mobile shopping

Make simple payments without entering a code.

Easy integration

You can simply have TWINT integrated by your existing payment service provider. Or you can check which online shop system you use – the most common systems offer plug-ins that enable payments with TWINT. The plug-ins and PSPs support the Web2App switch, i.e. the function which enables you to switch automatically from the online shop to the TWINT app for an optimal user experience without entering a code.


Payment service providers


Online shop systems with plug-ins


Further information and prices: Other online shop systems.

Contract and conditions

Next steps

Register in the merchant portal. It only takes a few minutes.

Select your payment service provider or your online shop system.

Wait for your payment service provider to activate it. Alternatively, you can download the plug-in for your online shop system for installation.


Should you have any questions, please contact us directly via the contact details set out below:

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