Collect payments within your club with TWINT now!

Your club can benefit from higher revenues thanks to the quick, simple and cashless collection of member fees, admission fees as well as small contributions for sponsored runs and tombolas. Explore new ways of collecting money with the TWINT QR code in collaboration with RaiseNow.

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How it works


Register your club in just a few steps


Order a QR code sticker or generate and print out codes


Collect the amounts due cashlessly and without any fixed costs


In collaboration with RaiseNow, TWINT is offering clubs in Switzerland a wide range of QR code club solutions.

Selling goods

With the TWINT QR code, you can collect payments for food and drinks in your clubhouse and at events securely and without the need for cash. Give your sales a boost without having to invest in costly infrastructure.

Collecting membership fees

Thanks to the TWINT QR code, you can increase your club income by combining the collection of your membership fees with an option to voluntarily make a donation. Can be sent via e-mail or post.

Collecting donations and patronage contributions

The TWINT QR code ensures that is very easy to collect donations, patronage contributions and attendance fees in person, via e-mail or by post. You can also record payer details and, where required, payment purposes.

Our solutions

You only need to register once as a club and then select the appropriate TWINT/RaiseNow solutions. These can be ordered or updated individually or collectively at any time.

Collecting cashless payments

The club solution for sales.

  • Fixed and variable amounts
  • Starter kits with stickers and display cards
  • Payment is made directly to the club account
  • Your club logo can be displayed
  • 1.3% + HF 0.10 per transaction

Collecting payments incl. personal data

The club solution for collecting membership fees.

  • Voluntary donations can be made at the same time as membership fees are paid
  • Download QR-Code
  • Payment is made directly to the club account
  • Own design possible (logo/colour scheme
  • Buyer data can be recorded
  • 2.5% + CHF 0.25 per transaction

Collecting donations incl. personal data

The club solution for donations and patronage contributions.

  • Combine the payment of membership fees with voluntary donations
  • Download QR-Code
  • Payment is made directly to the club account
  • Own design possible (logo/colour scheme)
  • Buyer data can be recorded
  • 2.5% + CHF 0.25 per transaction

Give it a try now

  • Open the TWINT app
  • Scan the QR code
  • Confirm the amount and the payment

The demo version can be acquired with a voluntary payment of CHF 1 or more. RaiseNow will donate all of the amounts transferred in the demo version to a charitable organisation.


RaiseNow is the technological partner of TWINT responsible for making sure everything in the background of the TWINT app works optimally and ensuring that your club is able to benefit from the numerous advantages of cashless payments.

Register your organisation and create an unlimited number of TWINT QR Codes in line with our needs and without having to have any technical knowledge or incur any administrative costs:

Register now

TWINT QR code and club software

Does your club use club software or would you like to introduce such software in the near future? The TWINT and RaiseNow QR code solutions are technically linked to various club software solutions. By combining the TWINT QR code and your club software, you will be able to benefit from further advantages, such as the direct booking of your club revenue.

Integration is possible with the following club software providers:




Do you have any questions on the TWINT QR code for clubs? Please contact us via the following e-mail address:

About RaiseNow

RaiseNow has been the leading provider for cashless payments and donations for clubs, associations and other non-profit organisations since 2015. Over 1000 organisations throughout Switzerland and Europe rely on the expertise and enthusiasm of the entire RaiseNow team.

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