Use TWINT to pay QR-bills

Bills with a Swiss QR code can now also be paid with TWINT. This is an add-on to the current TWINT QR code link on bills which will be available to all TWINT users from July 2020. In both cases, your customers benefit from a very simple and fast way to pay their bills.

To date, more than 2.5 million users are already familiar with the TWINT QR code.  They have become used to scanning the QR code when making payments. This learned behaviour can now be expanded to include the payment of bills.

As the billing party, you have the additional option to have an individual website displayed during the payment process, with invoice details and more information, such as cross- and up-selling measures.

How you benefit from TWINT for bills

Fast and simple notification of you as merchant:

  • Immediate notification when the customer pays the bill.
  • The message guarantees payment from TWINT.
  • Payments are credited to your bank account within 1 to 2 days.
  • All notifications of TWINT payments (e.g. for bills or in the webshop) are routed through a standard platform.

Less effort and more security for your customers:

  • Bills are paid earlier thanks to the extremely simple and easy TWINT payment process.
  • This will also reduce the number of payment reminders.

Other benefits:

  • With the TWINT payment process you can show your customers a website with bill information or other marketing measures, such as cross- or up-selling options.
  • With TWINT’s mobile marketing options such as coupons or stamp cards, you create additional incentives for buying your products.


Customers scan the TWINT QR code or from July 2020, the Swiss QR Code with TWINT integration.

Optionally, the customer is routed to your website.

The bill amount is displayed in the TWINT app and approved by the customer.

You receive immediate notification of the payment, together with all the bill data you need for processing the payment.


TWINT transaction fee*

*This does not include any costs charged by software providers


Registration as a merchant with TWINT

Integration of TWINT’s payment interface via the provider of your bill issuing software (e.g. ERP)

or alternatively: Own integration** of TWINT’s payment interface.

**This option addresses large billing parties


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