Business Chief Europe: TWINT – Payments, just better

As the Twinting phenomenon sweeps across Switzerland, Markus Kilb, CEO at TWINT, discusses how the financial service provider has digitally and culturally cemented itself as an invaluable asset in Switzerland in BizClik Media’s latest editions of FinTech Magazine and Business Chief Europe.

TWINT is unique as it integrates peer-to-peer platforms in a way not previously seen. 'TWINT is modified to be used for both Android and iOS and, while other platforms are not interoperable, TWINT's software is agnostic of operating systems, allowing a full range of peer-to-peer payments,' explains Klib, and this goes beyond the two platforms. The integration of over 100,000 merchants allows for users to pay for products, book travel and cinema tickets as well as store reward points, all through TWINT.

Loyalty schemes are a key part of Swiss commercial culture and TWINT has ensured that this is as deeply integrated into the app as it is culturally. Kilb notes that one particularly popular loyalty card is the 'Coop Supercard' from Coop Group, one of the leading retail companies in Switzerland. 'This deep integration allows everything to work from one single platform,' explains Kilb, 'and that's just perfect.'

TWINT’s exponential growth is also credited to its key shareholders and partners which, besides SIX Group and Worldline, largely comprise Swiss banks: Postfinance, UBS, Zürcher Kantonalbank, Credit Suisse, Banque Cantonale Vaudoise and Raiffeisen. 'TWINT works with direct access to bank accounts, which is pretty unique for Switzerland,' Kilb adds. In addition to this, there is also an additional nine, non-shareholder banks and federation banks that work with TWINT. 'All of these banks are united by the belief in creating a strong customer value for its customers,' says Kilb, and these partnerships allow for TWINT to maintain bank-grade security, as they retain a majority of sensitive data, together forming the cybersecurity hub in Switzerland.

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