Conditions of Participation “Summer Challenge 2024″

Participation in the competition shall be pursuant to the conditions listed below.

The competition will be held by TWINT AG, Stauffacherstrasse 41, 8004 Zurich, in the period from 10 July to 10 August 2024.

Every user that has activated their participation in the app and has completed the stamp card between 10 July and 10 August 2024 will be entered into the draw to win 1 of the 2200 instant prizes and 1 of the 3 main prizes. Up for grabs are

  • 2200 prizes of CHF 10 cashback
  • 3 prizes of 100% cashback up to a maximum of CHF 1000 for a payment on Airbnb

To complete the stamp card, you need to collect 15 stamps by twinting in stores and online shops. The Send money, Request money, and Split payment functions do not count towards this promotion. The minimum purchase amount required to get one stamp is CHF 10. You will get one stamp for every CHF 10 you spend.

The winners of the 2200 cashback prizes shall be notified of whether they have won a prize or not directly after opening the stamp card in the TWINT app. The prizes shall be paid out directly in the app. The winners of the main prizes shall be chosen at random and informed about their prize via the TWINT app after the challenge. To redeem the 100% cashback prize, the coupon must be activated before making the payment. Following activation of the coupon, 100% cashback will be paid to the winner for the next payment they make on Airbnb, up to a maximum amount of CHF 1000. The cashback will then be paid out directly in the app.

Data privacy

Responsible body

The responsible body for the collection and use of personal data in connection with the competition is TWINT AG, Stauffacherstrasse 41, 8004 Zurich, [email protected].

For TWINT app users

TWINT shall use your personal data [user ID, name and address] for your participation in the competition, to notify the winners and to deliver the prizes. Your personal data shall not be used for marketing purposes if you have not separately consented to such use. Please also observe the general provisions of the Data Privacy Statement in section [4] of the Conditions of Participation.

Furthermore, the general Data Privacy Provisions for the use of the TWINT app shall apply.

For the users of TWINT issuer bank apps

TWINT AG shall only collect and process your user ID – as well as certain other non-personal data that is required to determine the winners – and only for participation in the competition. TWINT AG shall communicate this to the relevant bank, which shall be responsible for notifying the winners and delivering the prizes. Your personal data shall not be used by TWINT for marketing purposes. Please also observe the general provisions of the Data Privacy Statement in section [4] of the Conditions of Participation.

Furthermore, the data privacy provisions of the respective issuer bank shall apply.

General provisions

  • The employees, agents and other third parties that have access to the personal data are obliged by TWINT to ensure that they adhere to all of the applicable data privacy provisions. Persons to whom TWINT grants access to personal data within the meaning of this Data Privacy Statement shall be provided with the appropriate training with respect to data security and privacy.

TWINT shall protect personal data using the appropriate physical, electronic and procedural security precautions, including firewalls and personal passwords as well as encryption and authentication technologies.

Persons whose personal data is processed in accordance with this Statement are entitled to:

  1. Be provided with information about the personal data that TWINT saves (categories of data, recipients or categories of recipients, the retention period of personal data and the criteria for determining the retention period)
  2. Be provided with a copy of their personal data
  3. Demand that their personal data be corrected in the event that incorrect data has been saved
  4. Demand the deletion of their personal data
  5. Demand that restrictions be imposed for the processing of personal data
  6. The above entitlements can be denied or restricted if the interests, rights and freedoms of third parties prevail or if the processing serves to assert, exercise or defend the legal rights of TWINT.

Every person affected by the processing of personal data can revoke their consent thereto at any time. If you would like to revoke your consent or if you require further information about the processing of personal data, please address your requests to TWINT AG, Stauffacherstrasse 41, 8004 Zurich, [email protected].