TWINT lays foundation for new solution

The new TWINT payment system was launched today. With this basis now in place, the TWINT apps of Swiss banks will follow gradually from April. The existing TWINT app has also undergone an update.

Der obere Teil eines Smartphones ist sichbar. Auf dem Display ist das TWINT-Logo abgebildet. Darunter befinden sich das UBS-, Postfinance-, Raiffeisen, Credit Suisse, ZKB und das BCV-Logo

In addition to the TWINT prepaid app, there will soon also be various TWINT apps from Switzerland’s biggest banks. These will offer users the advantage that they can connect TWINT directly to an account with their principal bank or save their credit card. It is thus no longer necessary for users to top up their credit before making payments.

The UBS TWINT and ZKB TWINT apps will be made available from April. BCV TWINT, Credit Suisse TWINT, PostFinance TWINT and Raiffeisen TWINT will then be available to download in the early summer.

News for users of the TWINT prepaid app

The existing TWINT prepaid app is now available in a new version. The old green logo has been replaced by a new black design. There are also some other changes:

  • simpler operation thanks to fixed shortcut keys for making payments and hamburger-menu navigation.
  • The security standard has been enhanced: upon opening the app, users are now required to enter their TWINT PIN. Apple users can also open the app via Touch ID. Furthermore, the user’s identity will be verified during the registration process.
  • The General Terms and Conditions have been updated.


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