‘TWINT is currently the most convenient payment method for online purchases’

One person who should know about this is the CEO of Digitec Galaxus AG, Florian Teuteberg. He explains in an interview what makes a good online shop – and where he sees potential for TWINT.

What actually makes a good online shop?
A wide range with low prices, good availability and quick delivery are the fundamental factors. What is also key, however, is whether the shopping experience is convenient and enjoyable. With this in mind, online shops not only have to look good and provide a simple product search function; they must also inspire their visitors! We rise to this challenge with editorial content and smart purchase suggestions or through communication between customers in the community.

What is important to you in the digitec.ch checkout process?
We want to offer our customers a checkout process that is as convenient and transparent as possible. On the one hand, this means no hidden costs that customers only discover at the end. On the other, the payment process needs to be as simple as possible. If one or even both of these considerations are not quite right, some customers will pull out of a purchase at the last moment.

Why did you decide to integrate TWINT as a payment method?
Paying with TWINT in the online shop is extremely convenient. During the introduction stage, TWINT, along with the Migros Bank online payment function, was also the only means of payment that we could offer to our customers free of charge.

How do you assess the potential of TWINT?
TWINT is currently the most convenient payment method for online purchases: customers are not required to enter any payment data and instead only need to scan the QR code with the app. That is why I believe there is further potential for growth. As regards in-store retail, I see considerable untapped potential for TWINT in areas where no payment terminals have been installed yet and merchants only collect payments in cash. TWINT could allow customers to make cashless payments here – and without the merchants having to make any significant investments.

What would you improve further as regards the payment process with TWINT?
The payment process is very convenient, so there is little scope for improvement. The performance could, however, be slightly better, especially as regards the response time.

How do you use TWINT yourself?
Every time I make an order in our online shop. I am happy that I am able to take care of payments in a quick and simple manner directly when making a purchase and no longer have to pay invoices at a later date.

The image shows a portrait of Florian Teuteberg in an industrial setting.

About Florian Teuteberg
Florian Teuteberg co-founded the online shop Digitec in 2001. As CEO of the current Digitec Galaxus AG, Teuteberg leads a team of around 850 employees. The company comprises the online shops digitec.ch and galaxus.ch and ten branches in Switzerland.



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