“The mobile payment solution TWINT complements FAIRTIQ perfectly”

FAIRTIQ is Switzerland’s most simple ticket. The app detects the route travelled and automatically charges the cost of the right ticket. It will soon be possible to pay with TWINT in the FAIRTIQ app. FAIRTIQ CEO Gian-Mattia Schucan speaks about his idea and the advantages of integrating TWINT into his public transport app.

FAIRTIQ integriert TWINT als Zahlungslösung
Mr Schucan, FAIRTIQ has just won the Swiss Economic Award 2018. Congratulations! What is special about FAIRTIQ?

The aim of FAIRTIQ is to make access to public transport easier. Our typical customer is 46 years old on average and does not have a season ticket. Our app helps him to travel from A to B easily. He does not have to study any zone maps or queue at the ticket machine or counter.

How did you arrive at the idea of the FAIRTIQ app?

We thought of the occasional users of public transport. Our initial question was: how close can we get to the comfort offered by unlimited GA travelcards with the new opportunities that smartphones offer? FAIRTIQ is the answer to that question.

What were the challenges?

In addition to the technical implementation, the main thing required was lots of work in winning people over. We held many conversations with representatives of the public transport sector before this new type of ticketing was even permitted.

Payment with TWINT in the FAIRTIQ app is expected to be possible from August 2018. What are the advantages of this?

Not all customers want to save a credit card in the app, and some simply do not have one. TWINT is an easy-to-use and secure way of paying without a credit card. Public transport tickets bought with FAIRTIQ are charged directly to the user’s bank account. In addition, TWINT only has to be saved once. After that, payment automatically takes place via TWINT in the FAIRTIQ app. This is very convenient for our users.

Gian-Mattia Schucan, CEO of FAIRTIQ

Gian-Mattia Schucan, CEO von FAIRTIQ


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